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I've started a reuploading campaign, beginning with the Tribù italiche series

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an interesting book (if you can read Italian, at least),about pipes all around Europe: La cornamusa in Europa

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Lineatrad second issue is out, please register if you want to read it

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as soon as possible, a massive reupoloading campaign will start.
I'm looking for a new archive host

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there's a new, very interesting, folk magazine on line (if you can read Italian)
you can get it clicking its link in the sidebar

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VV.AA. ::: Sicily in music and song

courtesy of bolingo  at Anthems for the Nation of Luobaniya • 罗巴尼亚国歌
Here is another of the James McNeish field recordings full of good music and atmosphere. 
I think that some tracks on this record are very precious in deed. I like the big 
variation covering many different styles and traditions, only thing that is sad is 
that so many tracks are so short. That does not make the record less important it 
only makes you want to hear more. I think the Easter wailing track, the Pastorale 
and the Prayer song are wonderful glimpses allowing a real time travel. 
The Tarantellina with the jews harp and the Nennia is also very good listening.
Hope you enjoy this one! I will post another one of his recordings with music from 
Greece, but a little later. Too much other music waiting in line... We will see what 
comes first, and maybe someone else has some more of the McNeish recordings they could 
pass along to me so I could put them together with the others...
Side A
A1 Tarantella (Catania province) 1'50
A2 La vò - Lullaby (Catania) 2'52
A3 Stornello (Catania province) 2'37
A4 Tarantellina (Enna province) 0'32
A5 C'era 'na volta (Trapani) 0'58
A6 Ballad of Giuliano 3'53
A7 Dungeon Song (Palermo) 2'18
A8 Lullaby (Trapani province) 2'05
A9 La nova moda di li fimmini 2'08
A10 Easter wailing (Caltanissetta) 3'02
A11 Romance (Catania province) 1'31
Side B
B12 Ballad of Turiddu Carnevale (Palermo province) 1'38
B13 Pastoral (Agrigento province) 2'18
B14 Tarantella (Ragusa province) 1'51
B15 Sonnu Sonnuzu (Caltanissetta province) 1'50
B16 Stornello (Enna province) 2'54
B17 Prayer song (Palermo province) 0'45
B18 Mazurka (Ragusa province) 1'31
B19 Nennia (Enna) 2'12
B20 Drum sonata (Agrigento province) 2'33
B21 Stornello a botte (Enna province) 2'25
B22 Scialoma (Trapani province) 1'18
recordings from 1960 by James McNeish
1965 • Argo DA 89
vinyl rip • 320 kbps CBR • full photos
Sicily in music and song

VV.AA. ::: Smarnamisa! Resia valley music

from La folie du jour, submitted by Miguel
Resia Valley is a very small municipality-region lying in North Italy near the borders with Slovenia and Austria.
Resian people, who nowadays are numbered in about a thousand, have slavic origins and speak a very idiomatic
slavic dialect ("rozajanski"), strongly influenced by archaic lingual elements. Located between the two peninsulas 
(the balkan and the italian), but in fact isolated due to its surrounded by mountains alpine position, Resia has, 
in spite of its size, a rich folkloric history with unique customs and traditions.
"Smarnamisa!" compilation, an Avant Records release, is a rare document of traditional resian music created by 
fiddle ("citara"), cello ("bunkula"), "percussive'' feet, vocals, narrations etc.
Perhaps attractive mainly to ones with traditional folk tastes or ethno-musicological interests, but valuable and
sympathetic as a voice of an unseen dot of the world can be.
01. Skakji, Wtοcavi, Wφda, Glasji Tu-W Reziji
02. Kaku to Lλpu Po Gorδh!
03. Ta-Dφ Z Te Biske Jasane
04. Ta Matjonawa
05. Ta Pόstawa
06. Woda Ta Jurόdina
07. -missing- 
08. Ta Kuskrοtawa (
09. Ta Matjonawa
10. Gφra Ta Banλrina
11. Poti Mi Dφ Po Lοpje
12. Poti Mi Dφ Po Lοpje
13. Ta Divajina
14. Stara Rozajanska Wόza
15. Patalen Ka Zόbel Zvοzgulec
16. Glasji Ta-Na Kurοtλ
17. Ta Ukawa
18. Jtφ Ki Jφcλ To Ni Mφ!
19. Ta Bantawa
20. Ta Lipawska
21. Juhuhόc...!
1997 • Avant Records 
256 kbps CBR • track 7 is missing • no booklet
Smarnamisa! Resia valley music

Saturday, November 26, 2011

VV.AA. ::: Canti del lavoro vol. 1

Musiche e canti popolari siciliani
01 Canto della battitura dell'aia
02 Canto della mietitura
03 Sugnu vinutu di luntana via
04 Bedda lu nomu to chiamatu Nina
05 Ie sugnu arrivatu a portu du Missina
06 Com' am 'a ffari l'annata ad aguannu
07 Cca nni sta strada cc'è na picciutteddra
08 Spunta lu suli ma squagghia la ilata
09 A Bagheria, Villabate, Mislmeri
10 A Palermo
11 A cu l'ai salaletti
12 A cu l'ai salaotto
13 Cu va e ccu vene
14 Rarreri a me finestra cc'è un ghiardino
15 A munti Piddirinu cc'è na rrosa
16 E tengu lu cori quantu na nuciddra
17 Salve Regina
18 Cialoma
19 Gnanzù
20 Zza monaca
21 Cialoma
22 Gnanzù
23 E mpugna ca sampugna
24 Era affacciata ru barcuni
1974 • Vedette Albatros VPA 8206 • Lyrichord LYRCD 7333
160 kbps CBR • scans
Canti del lavoro vol. 1

Neapolis ensemble ::: Napoli furiosa

01 Ritornello delle lavandaie del vomero
02 Nascette ’mmiez’’o mare
03 Italiella
04 Brigante se more
05 Marinaresca
06 Fra massune e giacubbine
07 Terra mia
08 Tarantella di san Michele
09 Canto allo scugnizzo
10 Tarantella finale
11 Donna ’Sabella
2006 • Calliope CAL 9367
full scans
Napoli furiosa
192 kbps CBR
Napoli furiosa

Friday, November 25, 2011

Banda Brisca ::: Io ballo brisco

Courtesy of Yojik
15 years of concerts and folk dances all around Italy and the rest of Europe, and hundreds of gigs, we finally present
the first official CD to celebrate this important birthday! It is a live CD, of course. It could not be any other way 
for a band whose mission is to play live and let people dance, everywhere it may happens.
Bernardo Beisso : guitar, bass, cajon, vocal
Roberto Bagnasco : fiddle, mandolin
Francescao Nastasi : transverse flute, piffero
Antonio Maffezzoni : sax bariton and contralto
Andrea Capezzuoli : diatonic accordion , musa, vocal
Marco Pietrasanta : sax contralto
Stefano Marelli : guitar, vocal
01 Qui si formano bei concerti (trad.) 3.50
02 Mazurca d’Auvergne/Mazurca à Virginie (trad./R. Bagnasco) 6.04
03 A’ Djimmy/Scottish doc. Antonio (G. Godon/B. Beisso) 5.21
04 Rondò Madda: Egelda (M. Laboa) 5.49
05 Chapelloise: Zelda/Jump at the sun (P. Plard/J. Kirkpatrick) 5.43
06 Speranze perdute (A. Morelli) 3.56
07 Congò mandrogno (B. Beisso) 3.29
08 Kost ar c’hoad/Ai balli uniti (trad./R. Bagnasco) 3.12
09 Monferrina (trad.) 2.14
10 Alessandrina (trad.) 2.47
11 Piana (trad.) 2.21
12 Polca 4 pr (trad.) 3.13
13 Circolo circassiano/Morricone Jig (trad./B. Emeriaud) 6.00
14 Mazurca improvvisa (B. Beisso) 4.37
15 Se chanto (trad.) 5.08
2010 • Folkclub Ethnosuoni ES5385
156Mb • CBR320 • scans
Io ballo brisco
pw: folk_peso4nitsa

Coro del Supramonte di Orgosolo ::: Pascoli serrati da muri

Courtesy of Janas
a.1 - Richiami di pastori. Tancas serradas a muru
a.2 - Anninnia anninnia
a.3 - Bona notte e bonos annos
a.4 - Sa murra
a.5 - Comare cossi bianca
a.6 - Undighinas
a.7 - Su chentuchimbantunu rezzimentu
a.8 - Sonetto per Giuseppe Moro
b.1 - Barone sa tirannia
b.2 - S'emigrante
b.3 - Sa bella supramuntina
b.4 - Su grande agrario
b.5 - Su servo pastore
b.6 - Gosos de sa morte
1974 • Cetra LPP 244
320 kbps CBR • ripped from vinyl, scans

Pascoli serrati da muri
Pascoli serrati da muri
Pascoli serrati da muri
Pascoli serrati da muri
Pascoli serrati da muri
Pascoli serrati da muri
Pascoli serrati da muri
Pascoli serrati da muri
Pascoli serrati da muri

Nuova compagnia di canto popolare ::: Li sarracini adorano lu sole

Courtesy of klauserator
Their 5th studio album
Fausta Vetere
Eugenio Bennato
Giovanni Mauriello
Nunzio Areni
Patrizio Trampetti
Peppe Barra
Roberto De Simone
01 Tamurriata alli uno... alli uno (6:50)
02 Ricciulina (3:26)
03 In galera li panettieri (2:44)
04 Vurria ca fosse ciaola (3:17)
05 Tamurriata nera (4:52)
06 'O cunto 'e Masaniello (5:18)
07 La morte di Marietto (2:47)
08 Li sarracini adorano lu sole (3:16)
09 'E spingole francese (3:34)
10 'O guarracino (6:08)
1974 • EMI
> 192 kbps VBR • no scans
Li sarracini adorano lu sole
Li sarracini adorano lu sole

VV.AA. ::: Pietre preziose e oro fino

Old music & folksongs from South Italia

Courtesy of owlqaeda • Terrific selection of South Italia countryside music. Recorded between 60s and 80s. Raw & crazy, hypnotic & scary, dirty & absolutely wonderful. Infectious rhythms and melodies, led by voices coming from another time. Moi J'Connais Records are proud to dig out this forgotten music for the pleasure of world and rock'n'roll music lovers. Put the record on your pick up and it will be spring time forever in your living room • 01 A. Turco & B. Spataro - Tarantella alla Bocchiglierisa - 01:41 02 V. Manti & Duo Lavilla - Stornelli alla Ghianota - 02:27 03 D.Catapano, A. & G. Ambrosio, L. & A. & G. Auricchio - A Puortici e a Resina Stanno ’e Belle - 03:42 04 P. Palumbo - Cu va e ccu Vene - 00:52 05 C. & B. Pansera - Tarantella du Jonica - 03:43 06 R. Abbate, G. Bidognetti, A. Salvi & musicisti - Ballo per Madonna dell’ Arco - 06:57 07 N. Badagliacco - Rarreri a me Finestra cc’è un Gghiardino - 01:33 08 M. Rinaldi & G. Di Maggio - Serenata a San Giovani Rotondo - 01:48 09 O. Caporizzo & F. Lo Vuolo - Tarantella di Paternopoli - 03:35 10 E. Gallina, G. Trombello & A. Manfrè - Canto a Due Voci con Marranzanu - 04:34 11 A. & S. Striano & A. Maio - Tammuriata di Casatori - 05:54 12 N. Corrado - Tarantella al Doppio Flauto - 01:04A1 - A. Turco & B. Spataro ~ Tarantella Alla Bocchiglierisa • 2011 • Moi J'Connais Records MJCR007 • 320 kbps CBR • cover art • Pietre preziose e oro fino

Musicanti del piccolo borgo ::: musicaMusicanti

Courtesy of Miguel
It's a little odd that I get to hear a lot of music from the North of Italy and quite a lot from the South - yet very little 
from the central areas. Perhaps it's that the North and the South each have their own strong cultural (and political) 
identity, and so celebrate their own music more.
Musicanti del Piccolo Borgo are a group from central Italy, and have made the music of Lazio and Molise their particular 
area of interest - and study. The group was formed in the mid-'70s and has done a good deal of collecting work, as well 
as performing, in the ensuing 30 years. As well as learning the songs and music they found, they have also 
learned to play the instruments native to the area so, as well as the usual 'folk' instruments, we hear the piffero,
zampogna, chitarra battente and bufù (the big friction drum of Molise).
There's a wide range of styles to be heard on this CD - from lullabies to stornelli and ballads; from several tarantelle 
to a 3:4 saltarella, a quadrille, and the Danza In Minore, which sounds medieval. Unfortunately I can't tell you too much
about the individual tracks because the otherwise excellent Notes reveal nothing whatever about the songs and tunes!
And since many of the songs appear to be in dialect anyway, I can't even apply my rudimentary Italian to their translation.
Without actually saying so, it appears that this CD is a compilation of tracks from five earlier records made from 
1994 to 2003 - so it's a 'best of' release and, as the website indicates - in Italian - it's in homage to their 30 years 
of music. Very nice it all is, too. Everything is well played and sung - no gimmicks or flash - and there's really not 
a single track which I don't enjoy. That said, the one I like most is Jesce Sole.
Marika Spiezia: voice, castanets
Alessandro Bruni: bass, bufù
Franco Giusti: guitars, voice
Mauro Bassano: melodeon
Silvio Trotta: mandolin, mandocello, violin, battente guitar, frame drum, voice
Stefano Tartaglia: piffero, recorder, zampogna, frame drum, voice
Angela Paynter: cello
Gianni Zito: frame drums
Giorgio Castelli: accordion
Massimo Giuntini: tin whistle, uilleann pipes
Riccardo Mancini: double bass, bass
01 Fiore di tutti i fiori 5'22"
02 Tarantelle lucane 6'24"
03 La povera Cecilia 4'27"
04 Saltarella amatriciana 5'52"
05 Pacienza nenna mia 4'51"
06 Tarantella di Montemarano 6'20"
07 Tarantelle del Gargano 3'20"
08 Ninna nanna molisana 2'58"
09 Maitinata e quadriglia 6'24"
10 Alla maenzana 5'32"
11 Sia maledetta l'acqua 2'58"
12 Danza in minore/Tarantelle campane 6'21"
13 Jesce sole 3'30"
14 La santa allegrezza 6'39"
320 kbps CBR • booklet scans

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Something to read

If you can read Italian, please take a look here
Blogfoolk - Storie, Suoni e Visioni sulle Strade del Folk

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ariondassa ::: Campagne grame

Third chapter of the discography of this great Piedmontese folk band. 
Along the years, their sound became a sort of visit card of their Region, unique and unmistakable. 
But this Compact presents some nice surprises, 
because of the new original repertoire and the refined arrangements
01 Piva e ghironda ’d Tani di Ribelli (Giovanni Rapetti – Rinaldo Doro)
02 Ën custa villa… (trad.)
03 La guerriera (trad)/Mirakuleus (Stefaan Timmermans)
04 Scottish dël Frè, dël Ciaplè e dël Soclàt (Rinaldo Doro)
05 Il disertore (trad.)
06 Il mòro sarasin (trad.)
07 Ombre (Nino Costa – Rinaldo Doro)
08 La pastora e il lupo (trad.)
09 La ragazza assassinata (trad.)/‘t Kliekske march (trad. – Herman Dewit)
10 Bel uzelin l'era sü la rama (trad.)
11 Tentazione (trad.)/Giga di Milwaukee, per Bobby (Rinaldo Doro)
Vincent "Chacho" Marchelli: lead vocals, accordion, fruja, ravi
Lorenzo "Lightning" Bojola: gralla, bagpipes, ocarina, clarinet, flutes, percussion, vocals
Rinaldo "Genius" Doro: melodeons, accordion, vocals
Emanuela Bellis: hurdy-gurdy, tachenettès, melodeon, vocals
Sonia Cestonaro: oboe, gralla, shawm, tarot, whistles, ocarina, diatonic harp, vocals
Peasso Andrea: bass, guitar, vocals 
2009 • Folkclub Ethnosuoni ES 5384
> 192 kbps VBR • complete scans
Campagne grame