Saturday, December 30, 2006

Lou Dalfin - La flor de lo Dalfin

Courtesy of Dario, another recording by Lou Dalfin. Similar in vein to Gibous, maybe more slightly rock oriented. Se chanta, last track on the album, is the unofficial hymn of the Occitan valleys.

Sergio Berardo: hurdy-gurdy, melodeon, recorders, Jew's harp, voice
Dino Tron: accordion, melodeon, pipes
Daniele Giordano: bass
Alfredo Piscitelli: guitars
Riccardo Serra: drums

01 La festa/Na lama 4.07
02 Lo camel/Bandits/Circle/Attesa 8.16
03 Polka correzienne/John Ryan's polka 3.13
04 Jan jan jan/Polka di Niça 6.04
05 Lo viatge 3.59
06 Calant de Villafranca 3.09
07 Mesanuech al bial 3.15
08 Famous wolf 2.29
09 La vacha malha/Corenta val Vermenanha 3.23
10 La san Zan/Montsarà/Avant de s'en aller 6.15
11 Bel jovenet 5.44
12 Se chanta 1.33

2001 • Uprfolkrock UPR 0012

La flor de lo Dalfin


danny said...

There's a wrong tagging. Track 01 La festa/Na lama appears as track 10.
There actually is 2 track ten.
Ty again Dario

Dario said...

I don't understand. I am listening it and all seems normal.
All tags are ok.
It is a CD copy. So…I see only one explanation :
La strega di Triora ! :)

Anonymous said...

Shareonall is closed is possible to reup?

Anonymous said...

many thanks for this speedy reup