Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Pàulem - Pazienza Santa

Produced by Modena city ramblers, they come from Pavullo on the Modenese Appennine.
This is their first record.
Usually they sang acapella, or accompanied only by guitar and mandolin, but here they are joined by lot of friends, including Mario Arcari and various members of MCR.

Ivano 'Pizio' Montanari: voice
Valerio Pari: voice, guitar
Mauro Tamarozzi: voice, guitar
Marzia Lipparini: voice
Graziano "Monduja" Magagnoli: guitars, mandolin
Luciano Gaetani: bouzouki, mandolin

01 Luna 4.01
02 Chi bussa alla mia porta 4.10
03 Cesare 3.28
04 Mamma mia vorrei vorrei 1.28
05 Stella del buon mattino 4.35
06 Nanin pupin 3.08
07 L'inglesa 3.59
08 Dove andate madre Maria 1.53
09 L'è nad 3.09
10 Cavalla storna 2.06
11 Mi voi tor marì 3.14
12 Sonno 4.56
13 Girometta 1.31
14 Il Maggio di Treppio 7.10

2002 • il manifesto CD087


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