Saturday, January 06, 2007

Carlo Rizzo & l'ensemble vocal & les percussions de Treffort ::: Toscane

Music composed by percussionist and clarinet player Carlo Rizzo, words based on songs and lyrics from Tuscany, not strictly a folk album.
Carlo Rizzo has been living in France for many years and the musicians playing here are from France too
01. Quante volte 
02. Speranza 
03. Sospiri 
04. C'è venticello 
05. Rugiada 
06. Nel silenzio il mormorio 
07. Il Sole s'alza 
08. La Luna, le Stelle 
09. La banda che passa 
10. Tamburi d'altrove 
11. Invocazioni 
12. Canto fiorito 
13. Canto d'amore 
14. Stornelli 
1999 • Al Sur ALCD 262  

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Korpus said...

Quite intresting this recording.
searching for this italian special doublevoice singing
but don´t no whats the name for that special singing.