Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Cordas et cannas ::: Fronteras

courtesy of an anonymous reader. TY
Not a true folk group, Cordas et cannas sing in Sardinian language, sa limba, as they call it. They used to put to music some Sardinian poetry, but here they sing their song on contemporary issues.
On accordeon you can hear famed jazz player Antonello Salis

Gesuino Deiana: guitars, voices
Francesco Pilu: launeddas, voice
Bruno Piccinnu: percussion, voice
Lorenzo Sabattini: fretless bass, double bass, voice
Sandro Piccinnu: drums, voice
Raffele Musio: guitars
Antonelo Salis: accordion

01 Fronteras 4.19
02 Pizzinneddhu 4.50
03 Montenieddhu 4.25
04 Innamuratu 5.05
05 Bandidu 4.43
06 Bandera 5.08
07 Abal'abà 6.01
08 Minas et fronteras 3.25
09 Arvure 6.13

1999 • Pintadera PRS CD 004


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