Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Giovanna Marini & M.T. Bulciolu ::: Lu picurare

Courtesy of Zirudella
In 1961 Giovanna Marini graduated in guitar at Santa Cecilia’s Conservatorio, then she kept on studying with Andrea Segovia and she started to play lute in a Rinascimental music ensemble. A young Pier Paolo Pasolini mined her passion for academic culture when he said that songs come from real people, not from books
Giovanna left the academic world and she researched traditional songs (co-operating with Maria Teresa Bulciolu), setting a small repertoire, then she founded Roma’s Folk Studio in association with Giancarlo Cesaroni e Harold Bradley. Here, in Winter 1963, Roberto Leydi, famed ethnomusicologist, attended one of her gigs and coopted her into Nuovo Canzoniere Italiano and published this first record on Dischi del Sole label, consisting of some songs from Abruzzo.
”Experimental” songs, as Leydi said, refined by two young girls’ approach.
Next Giovanna Marini’s step was “La disispirata” (Dischi del Sole DS 46), exploring Sardinian folk songs

Giovanna Marini: voice, guitar, Roman mandola
Maria Teresa Bulciolu: voice

01 Lu picurare 1.46
02 La rosa a lu ciardine 1.25
03 Mara maje (lamento di una vedova) 4.04
04 Amore, amore 4.10
05 Storia di un marito tradito 2.50

1963 • Dischi del sole DS21

Lu picurare
Lu picurare


soulchap said...

Thanks for your blog and for this posting.
I am a fan of Giovanna Marini - all i actually know about her I learned from your blog - but I have an old LP of hers that is wonderful, I think it is "Cantate pour tous les jours" on Harmonia Mundi. It includes a song about Pasolini.
Can you recommend similar artists? Specifically, i'm interested in her vocal style and the odd folkloric approach to harmony. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

we will appreciate if you can rip your lp. A lot of her records are difficult to find and many others (especially soundtrack) have never been published.

best regards