Wednesday, January 10, 2007

In dialetto sardo

Courtesy of Lemmy_Caution at SFRP forum - Classic, Jazz, World again

Another collection of Sardinian music from the '30s. Solo singing accompanied by guitar and, in an occasion, accordion or triangle, in a style called 'a mutu'.

Antioco Marras: vocal
Lazzaro Zedda: guitar
Milan, 21 October, 1930
01. Canzoni sarda (Meridionale)
02. Canzoni sarda (Cagliaritana)i
03. Canzonia ritornello - parte I
04. Canzoni a ritornello - parte II
05. Canzoni d'amori
06. Cantidus a trallallera*
07. Goccius campidanesu
08. Laudas a S. Francesco*

Pietro Testoni: vocal
Bachisio Senes: harp-guitar
Milan, 6 March, 1931
09. Sa tempesta in "Re" - parte I
10. Sa tempesta in "Do" - parte II

Gavino De Lunas: vocal
Nicolina Cabitza: guitar,
Pietro Porcu: accordion°
unknown speech, triangle°°
Milan, 18 to 20 May 1932
11. Ballo centrale cantato°
12. Serenata amorosa - parte I
13. Serenata amorosa - parte II
14. A Cisella mia
15. Sincero amore
16. A sa cumpagna morte
17. Tempus passadu
18. A Diana mia
19. Pritte, ses troppu bella
20. Ballo settentrionale°°

1993 • Heritage HT CD 20

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Anonymous said...

Dear Danny

You asked about Sufi music. There are a lot of blogs out there giving Sufi and Mevlana music. I will give you one link here and in the future I will give you more.

Hope this little offering is a gesture of thanks to you for giving me all this wonderful traditional Italian music

Gus from Grecia

Anonymous said...

Dear Danny .

if it is possible when you upload a record in Megaupload , give us an alternative link in Rapidshare.

Thank you very much in advance for your kindness.

Gus from Grecia

danny said...

sorry, Gus, but I wasn't talking about Sufi music.
Rumi, that same Rumi actually, it's only the name of a record someone asked me for