Saturday, January 06, 2007

La banda improvvisa ::: Lesamoré

Band music was very popular in Italy till not a long ago. Band played mainly opera and light opera material and was the true music school for lots of Italians. These last years this form of music has known a big revival, not only in the Southern Italy, but everywhere in the country and stuff now comprises pop and folk music, not only from Italy.
This band come from Loro Ciuffenna, in Tuscany, it's directed by Orio Odori and aided by Daniele Sepe and Auli Kokko
Filarmonica 'Giuseppe Verdi' di Loro Ciuffenna
01 Serenata alla carpinese 5.45
02 Lacrime 'e condannate 3.46
03 Valzer 6.01
04 Les amoureux des bancs publics 7.56
05 Ulixes 3.58
06 Padrone mio 4.12
07 Pizzica 4.46
08 Solocorsaro 2.30
09 Koçani 5.58
10 Kalyo 6.27
2005 • Materiali sonori MASO CD 90138
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