Thursday, January 25, 2007

Spaccanapoli ::: Lost souls - Aneme perze

When 'E zezi were bound to release their first major record with Real world, some band member disagreed with the project and left.
The remaining ones, under a new name, Spaccanapoli, released this record, reworking many of their favourite songs alongside some new stuff.
They could be still playing together, if you can, see them live!

Monica Pinto. lead vocals, backing vocals, FX vocals
Marcello Colasurdo: lead vocals, backing vocals, tamburello, tammorra
Antonio Fraioli: backing vocals, violin, tammorra, percussion, drums, acoustic piano, tamburello, keyboards, cymbals, snare
Oscar Montalbano: backing vocals, acoustic bass, acoustic guitar, classic guitar, bouzouki, electric bass, drums, bass drum
Emilio De Matteo: backing vocals, acoustic guitar
Giulio Antognini: backing vocals, stick
Alessandro Benedetti: backing vocals
Carla Cristofanilli: backing vocals
Alfonso D'Antuono: trumpet
Antonio Faenza: backing vocals
Fabio Fiorillo: backing vocals
Franco Fraioli: double bass
Nando Gandolfi: ciaramella, flute
Lele Melotti: drums
Luciano Nini: clarinet, saxophone
Mariarosaria Nocera: lead vocals, tammorra, castanets,
Antonio Origlio: snare
Vincenzo Origlio: trombone, bass drum
Gennaro Petrone: mandocello, mandolin
Marco Sannino: trumpet
Giovanni Vacca: backing vocals
Peter Walsh: percussion programming

01 Pummarola black 5.14
02 O mare 4.07
03 Sant' Anastasia 4.12
04 Palummiello 1.30
05 Vesuvio 3.39
06 A ferriera 4.11
07 Aneme perze 4.26
08 O munachino 3.35
09 Siente munacie' 4.16
10 Miezzo a festa 3.56
11 O rinillo o' rinello 3.51
12 Vesuvio (Reprise) 1.14
13 Piazza Dante 2.48
14 Santa notte 4.42

2000 • Real world CDRW89



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