Sunday, February 11, 2007

Mascarimirì ::: Festa

Courtesy of Radu at Babe(b)logue
One of the most intriguing bands to emerge in Southern Italy in the past decade, Mascarimirì merge successfully the traditional music (pizzica) of their native area, Salento (the southernmost part of Apulia), with modern influences (raggamuffin, dub, techno and a slice of psychedelia - listen, for example, to the astounding distorted mandolin solo in Pizzica Dub). The musicians themselves like to define their music as "trad-innovative", and with good reason. This album contains first class, truly exciting party music. A must listen. R.

01. Senza speranza
02. Rachid-Pizzica
03. Mara l'acqua
04. Avvocata
05. Stadio
06. Tammurria
07. Tar ante 'lla
08. Occhi turchini
09. Pizzica dub
10. Minula
11. Seppu
12. Tasconga te lu pecuraru

2004 • Radio Popolare/Sensible records


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danny said...

Sorry, no booklet for this album.
If someone can upload it, I'd be grateful.