Monday, March 05, 2007

Carantan ::: Bal da l'ors

A beautiful folk album from the extreme NorthEast of Italy

Stefano Durat: melodeons
Martina Bertoni: cello
Livio Rossi: guitar, electric bass, voice, mandola
Glauco Toniutti: violin, mandolin, cornamusa, voice, tin whistle, percussions
Fabio Bossi: percussions in La schiavona
Giulio Venier: violin in Cjaliarie/Avianese and Furlana
Armando Iseppi, Ettore Pezzetta e Adelmo Pascoli: choir in In java
Dario Marusic: sopela in Furlana corfiota
Stefano Dini: finger-picking guitar in La lavandera
Andrea Del Favero: liron in Avianese, percussions in La lavandera

01 Le meneghine 5.16
02 Vapor di aga 4.35
03 Furlana corfiota 2.40
04 La schiavona 3.24
05 Cjaliarie-avianese 4.07
06 In gjava 2.56
07 Bal das stries 3.22
08 Scottish del gatto/Ballo dell'orso 5.05
09 La lavandera 3.09
10 Maledet l'imperador 4.04
11 Spazacamin-zotti 3.20
12 Quadriglia-truc 4.14
13 Stike-manfrine 3.34

2001 • Folkest dischi DF 18



john_l said...

Hey man,

beautiful blog ! I found some great stuff on your page and was hoping to get it "sometime" - and now it's all gone... I hope you don't give up !

This is what is most likely to happen to you with rapidshit links - I've given up on them long time ago (I prefer megaup)... And also: this delete thing looks like system, so whoever did it (if it was someone) will be back. (Maybe you should also use non-explicit file names and passwords - in case it was just a routine rpdsh sweep).

Anyway, if yo do get to re-up some stuff, I do hope you start with Malevento, L. Galleazzi and Canz. Grecanico Salentino...

Thinks a lot!

Valery Novgorodov said...

Thank you very much! At 1997 i was in Udine, playin at musical festival, and heard Carantan there. Then i took the cassette with demo-records. I`ve been seeking an information about them, but there wasn`t any. So now i`m very glad to hear their album.
Valery Novgorodov. Russia, Moscow