Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Taberna mylaensis ::: Fammi ristari

In the heart of the '70s, Taberna mylaensis recorded these albums, lost till Teatro del sole reissued them in 1999.
A different approach to Sicilian music, till then dominated by solo singers

Luciano Moio: guitar, mandola, mandolin, lute, harmonica, Jew's harp, drums, voice
Franco Salvo: recorders, piccolo, harmonica, Jew's harp, drums, voice
Carmelo Gìtto: guitar, mandola, mandolin, lute, drums, bells, voice
Santo Otero: cowbells, tamburelli, cianciani, voice
Alberto Cocuzza: zampogna, cowbells, tamburelli, cianciani, voice
E. Mortella : caballino

01 Cantu di carcirati 4.25
02 Canto della vendemmia 3.38
03 Fammi ristari... 4.54
04 Romanza 4.16
05 'u tritrolu 3.34
06 L'amanti cunfissuri 2.49
07 Babba blu di Petralia 4.33
08 Storia da figghiuledda rubbata di pirati 5.15
09 San Caloriu di Naru 4.13
10 Ninna nanna 3.51

1976 • Teatro del sole TDS 992008 X (reissued 1999)

Fammi ristari
Fammi ristari


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot from Corfu, Grecia..
It is a great pleasure to listen these masterpieces again!!
(Tell me please, is there any problem in the sound in some songs - like scratches- or is my soundcard??)

danny said...

tomorrow in the morning I'll check these mp3s.
Please let me know which tracks have scratches

Anonymous said...

Danny, is Fammi Ristari song, from the middle and on Romanza after the middle again. But.. nevermind, its ok. Dont waste your time for two songs..
grazie for beautiful music!!!