Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ernst Reijseger & Tenore e concordu de Orosei ::: Colla Voche

Courtesy of grasprelease at SFRP forum - Classic, Jazz, World who in turn had it from an unknown uploader. Thanks to both of them
I love this record! I own it, but it was either lost in one of my many moves lately, or buried in storage. A kind soul came through for me and this rip includes almost flawless scans of the lovely booklet as well...what a gift! Reijseger is a madcap Dutchman cellist, a free-improvisor and risk-taker and re-searcher, a member of the wonderful jazz trio Clusone 3 (with Han Bennink and reedist Michael Moore, look for their SOFT LIGHTS AND SWEET MUSIC soon in the HatArt thread). Here he performs with frequent collaborator, Scottish percussionist Alan Purves, and the wondrous Sardinian male a capella group Tenore E Concordu De Orosei, who conjure some of the sweetest grating harmonies I've heard...if anything, Ernst is along for the ride, as adornment to an already-perfect form-of-life...but that really doesn't detract at all from how magical it is, and how perfect for the season. I think this is wonderful stuff...I'm very happy to have it again. Please do pass it on if you like it

Ernst Reijseger: cello, voice
Alan Gunga Purves: percussion;
Salvatore Dessena, Mario Siotto, Martino Corimbi, Gianluca Frau, Piero Pala, Massimo Roych: vocals
Patrizio Mura: vocals, jew’s harp

01. Libera Me, Domine [trad]
02. Nanneddu Meu [Tonino Puddu, Peppino Mercu]
03. Strabismo di Venere [Ernst Reijseger]
04. Armonica [trad]
05. A Una Rosa, Voche e’ Notte Antica [trad]
06. Trumba [Ernst Reijseger]
07. Colla Voche [Ernst Reijseger]
08. Su Puddhu [Trad trad itional]
09. Su Bolu’e s’Astore [Tonino Puddu]
10. Dillu [trad]

1999 • Winter & Winter N° 910 037-2 CD


Sermo said...

Hello Danny,

I loooove this album too. It is really great. I can only encourage everyone who stumbles across this post to download it. Reijseger's interplay with the Orosei choir is amazing. This album is a strong proof how modern improvised music can link with old traditional sounds without disturbance. Just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Please remove the download link for the Colla Voche album with immediate effect. This album is protected by copyright.

Winter & Winter, Munich

Anonymous said...

can anyone please reupload this or atleast provide the removed download link... It is not avaible where i live in ( album )

cianfulli said...

I was asked to remove the link, as you can see in the comment posted before yours, sorry