Tuesday, October 30, 2007

L'Arpeggiata ::: La tarantella. Antidotum tarantulae

A fascinating, original crossover of folk and classical, with the musicians of the early music ensemble L’Arpeggiata joining the illustrious singers Galeazzi and Beasley, performed on modern and ancient instruments including chitarra battente, lutes, harp, psaltry. It's a mix of traditional songs and composed works form the 17th century, which gives it a unique and uncompromising quality. 
With Alfio Antico, Eero Palviainen, Marcello Vitale and many other fine musicians. Includes detailed notes in French and English. 
In 1630 a strange disease called “Tarantism” struck Italy. It was attributed to a spider’s bite with alternating symptoms of exaltation and prostration. Tarantella are enchanting songs and dances meant to heal the patient by creating a state of trance
Lucilla Galeazzi - chant 
Marco Beasley - chant, tamburi a cornice 
Alfio Antico - chant, tamburi a cornice 
Christina Pluhar - harpe baroque, théorbe, guitare baroque, chitarra battente 
Eero Palviainen - archiluth, guitare baroque 
Edin Karamazov - colascione, archiluth 
Marcello Vitale - chitarra battente, guitare baroque 
Eduardo Eguez - guitare baroque, chitarra battente 
Elisabeth Seitz - psaltérion 
Johanna Seitz - lirone, viole 
Paulina Van Laarhoven - lirone, viole 
Pierre Boragno - cornemuse 
Michèle Claude - percussions 
01. La Carpinese 
02. Lu gattu la sonava la zampogna 
03. Tarantella Napoletana, tono hypodorico 
04. Lu passariellu 
05. Lamento dei mendicanti 
06. Luna luneda 
07. Ah, vita bella! 
08. Tarantella del Gargano 
09. Pizzicarella mia 
10. Silenzio d'amuri 
11. Tarantella calabrese 
12. Sogna fiore mio 
13. Tarantella italiana 
14. Tu bella ca lu tieni lu pettu tundu 
15. Pizzica ucci 
16. Lu povero 'ntonuccio 
17. Antidotum tarantulae 
2002 • Alpha 503 • 320 kbps mp3, including full booklet scans 
La tarantella
La tarantella 


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