Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Calicanto ::: Labirintomare

A journey, on water, between Venice, Istria, Dalmazia and their surroundings. 
Labirintomare is the tenth CD by Calicanto (presented in occasion of the 20th year of activiy of the band: 1981-2001) and is devoted to the relationship between Venice, Istria and Dalmatia.
The work, which comes from various years of researches, ha been produced thanks to the collaboration of many public institutions such as municipalities, embassies, and also actors, poets, and the active partecipation of more then 25 musicians coming from the Adriatic area. “Labirintomare” has been a marvellous experience, a poetic work that speaks about seas, boats, nostalgy, fantastic landscapes, idioms and ethnicities, in harmony and contrast between them, also bloody battles and possible tolerance

Claudia Ferronato: voice
Gabriele Coltri: bagpipes
Giancarlo Tombesi: double bass
Nicola Marsilio: clarinet, soprano flute, viola da gamba
Roberto Tombesi: accordions, plckes, ludro, percussion
Paolo Vidaich: percussion
Klapa Cambi - voice (Dalmatia)
Marino Kranjac: voice, mala sopela, violin (Istria)
Dario Marusic: voice, vela sopela, violin (Istria)
Nicolay Jordanov: flute (Bulgaria)
Nejdet Koseoglu: gadulka, tambura (Turkey)
Paco Diez: voice (Spain)
Alessio Surian: percussion
Andrea Ferlini: violin
Fabio Tricomi: percussion
Giorgio Bertan: voice
Michele Casarin: voice

01 Turchese (intro)
02 Galeas par montes
03 Plovi (mio batelo)
04 Marionette a Zara
05 Le calli e il ginepro
06 Aria e saltini istriani
07 Loza u Skripu
08 Mantinjada/Vilote adriatiche
09 Usrid Mora
10 Contraddanze di Spalato e la Turca
11 Stanote m'ho insogna'/Kod Lepanta sunce moje
12 Filigran
13 Labirintomare (in fondo,in fondo)

2001 • CNI CNDL 13177


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