Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ambrogio Sparagna ::: Vorrei ballare

Courtesy of gattona at SFRP forum - Classic, Jazz, World 
The Italian accordionist explores tarantella and songs from the Appenines in his own compositions and traditional songs and ballads, joined by a BIG banda organetti (melodeons - I count about 15-20?) with percussion, harp, voices, bass, ciramella and chitarra battente. It's quite a sound - if you think there is such as thing as too many accordions, then this CD is not for you!

01 Vorrei ballare
02 Il gallo silvestre
03 L'asino che balla
04 La rana guardiana
05 Fiore d'aprile
06 Gira la canzone
07 La pecora fedele
08 Attaranta
09 Dormi piccola carina
10 Il cinghiale distratto
11 E' festa
12 La rondine aurunca
13 Le galline in girotondo
14 La palomba gentile
15 Il fischio della papera

2001 • Finisterre FTCD14

a mere 128 kbps, no covers

Vorrei ballare
Vorrei ballare


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