Sunday, January 20, 2008

Abnoba ::: Vai facile

First release of this ensemble from the Western Alps (from Piedmont and Aosta Valley). They are young, but experienced, tradition bearers and they try to break the musical boundaries by mixing traditional repertoire with modern sound.

Vincent Boniface: clarinet, bagpipes, diatonic accordion, whistle
Simone Bottasso: diatonic accordion, flute
Paolo Dall'Ara: bagpipes, recorders, tarota
Pietro Numico: keyboards
Marco (Mammo) Inaudi: bass
Giovanni (Zap) Delfino: percussions
Patrick Bouffard: hurdy-gurdy
Sabrina Pallini: voice
Silvia Carbotti: voice
Sebastien Tron: electric hurdy-gurdy

01 Andro
02 Tourdion
03 Abnoba
04 But your sister
05 Archivolto - La Forge
06 Fenne
07 Dop
08 Uot god tacsi draiver
09 Abnoba mix (remix by Dr. Marcus)

2006 • Felmay-Dunya Records FY 811001

Vai facile


Caravaggio said...

Fantastic Danny...keep them coming.
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Ok, also for me this work is great!!! Many thanks Danny... Max

Yojik said...

Thank you so much!

Yojik said...

Thank you so much!!!

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