Friday, January 25, 2008

Ariondela ::: Beica

Beica, look in the local dialect, is the first recording by Ariondela (Mallow).
Ariondela is a three girls, a cappella group from Piedmont (Northern Italy), a region close to the French border. The repertoire of this ensemble is partially taken from the tradition of the Piedmontese valleys and partially formed by original composition. The arrangements are all original echoing influence of contemporary music and the typical bordone style of folk music, with modern rhythmic approaches.

Samuela Gallinari, voice
Maria Adelaide Negrin, voice
Alba Spera, voice

01 Meteo-Mirasol
02 Beica
03 Les filles de Massel
04 Ninna nanna della fontana
05 Tre comare di La Tor
06 L'amitie d'une hirondelle
07 Diga Janeta
08 Farè 'd cola colin-a
09 Le premier jour du mois d'avril-Scottish du mois d'avril-Bourrée du mois d'avril
10 Sisilia
11 Sento il fischio del vapore
12 Suite di ninne nanne
13 Giacoutin
14 Bagna Caoda calypso dixie
15 Mirasol II

1999 • Felmay-Dunya Records Fy 8017

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