Thursday, January 31, 2008

La Bando dal Giari ::: Sem venguts ici

La Bando dal Giari was a 'folk-rock d'Oc' group coming from the Italian Occitan valleys: traditional instruments, such as accordeon, violin, and flutes play alongside bass, electric guitar and drums. The group does not exist anymore in the original form, but splitted in two in 2003: Lhi Jari and Lou Giari d'Oc.

Luigi Giuliano: diatonic accordion and voice
Daniele Dalmasso: diatonic accordion, flutes and violin
Albert Giuliano: accordion
Robert Marengo: drums
Diego Giordano: electric and acoustic guitar
Fabio Beltramo: electric bass
Daniele Landra: diatonic accordion and flutes
Andrea Rabino: diatonic accordion and flutes

Sergio Berardo: hurdy-gurdy and flutes in "A lo miu amor"
Luciano Macario: bodhràn in "Somilhant la pluelha"
Stefano Bertaina: clarinet in "Chauda - Tradizionale"

01 "La bergera"
02 Scottish "Chat pitois"
03 Suite de rigodons "Lo vagabond - Lo rab"
04 Bourrée III tempi "A lo miu amor"
05 Chappelloise "De San Micel"
06 Bourree II tempi "Vegapirina"
07 Circle "Lemon"
08 Bourrée III tempi "Li servans"
09 "Crozado"
10 Scottish "A ma 'mia"
11 Mazurka "A Sara"
12 Suite de corente "Chauda - Tradizionale (Le belle si maritano)"
13 Scottish "Lo Jari Reggae"
14 Scottish "Sem venguts ici"
15 Rondeau "Somilhant la pluelha"

2000 • self-production

Sem venguts ici

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