Saturday, February 23, 2008

Enzo Favata ::: Atlantico

subtitled The return of migrant music between Sardinia and South America 
Yes I have seen South America
...Many times, but through the eyes and the pen of writers that today I read and love greatly
I have gone on voyages together with Chatwin, Borges, passing onto Sepúlveda, Coloane and Garcia Marquez, on a motorbike with Che, sailing together with Melville, smiling with Soriano.
From the vision of these places which I have more than once visited and dreamed of through the writing of others, comes this new story , told in sound.
A story of far-off lands, the land of the milonga, of the candombe, and Andean music, of the tango, lands of nostalgia, lands where the earth ends.
Thousands of kilometres of water divide these worlds from my island, the immense waters of the sea and the ocean the Atlantic.
(Enzo Favata, 1999)

Enzo Favata: soprano sax, sopranino sax, bass clarinetto, Mohozeño (flauto boliviano), wind harp
Marcello Peghin: classic 10/6‐string guitar
Daniele Di Bonaventura: bandoneon
Salvatore Maltana: double bass
Roberto Pellegrini: percussion

01 Sea wind (E. Favata) 50"
02 Atlantico (E. Favata, D. Di Bonaventura) 7'15"
03 Nuria (E. Favata) 1'15"
04 Dança de las bajanas (E. Favata, M. Peghin) 4'41"
05 Milonga del sol (E. Favata) 4'34"
06 Tucumàn (M. Peghin) 3'22"
07 El sur (M. Peghin, E. Favata) 7'19"
08 Corale (D. Di Bonaventura) 2'18"
09 Ushuaia (M. Peghin, E. Favata) 3'46"
10 Penelope (M. Peghin, E. Favata) 7'26"
11 El rio (E. Favata, M. Peghin) 5'46"
12 Patagonia Express (E. Favata) 8'41"

1999 • il manifesto cd044

A mere 128 kbps, sorry

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Anonymous said...

Ciao potete controllare il link a questo meraviglioso album? Purtroppo temo che non funzioni più ed è un peccato perdere una simile perla...Vi è possibile tentare un ripristino? Grazie di cuore. Silvano

Anonymous said...

Perche non:)