Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I luf ::: Ocio ai Luf

I Luf are an adaptable musical collective with a pool of available musicians, which is essential considering that most of them have dayjobs. The name I Luf is a dialect word meaning 'The Wolves' and the lyrics of the songs are in a mix of Italian and the Camuno dialect of Lombardy. The music is enthusiastically performed and the distinctive folk instrumentation of bagpipe, violin, flute and accordeon makes an interesting contrast to the rock and Celtic influences • Michael Hingston • fROOTS #151, May 2004

Dario Canossi: voice, guitar
Sergio "Jeio" Pontoriero: bass, voice
Ranieri "Ragno" Fumagalli: baghét, recorders, voice
Franco Penatti: drums
Lorenzo " Puffo" Marra: accordion, voice
Cesare Comito: guitar, voice
Angapiemage Persico: violin, cori
Gigi Scaccabarozzi: djambeè
Fabio Biale: violin on “Ciao Bani”
Lorenzo Monguzzi: voice on “per un pezzo di pane”
Vincenzo Zitello: Celtic harp on “Nina-Nana”
Coro “Brianza” from Missaglia directed by Fabio Triulzi on “Ocio a la nona Ocio a la Strea”, “Vento” ,”Caro ‘l me Tone”, “i Luf”.
Carlo Ravot: drums
il mitico Billa: accordion
Gigi de Martino: bass
Pier Zuin: pipes, flutes

01 I luf
02 Vento ( Hasta siempre)
03 Ocio a la nona ocio a la strea
04 Per un pezzo di pane
05 Ramon
06 Caro ‘l me tone
07 Tierra bomba
08 Piccola donna
09 Occhi di Volpe
10 Salta la corda
11 Nina-nana“
12 Ciao Bani

2002 • UPR Folkrock UFR0017

Ocio ai Luf
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