Sunday, February 17, 2008

La Ciapa Rusa ::: Three recordings

La Ciapa Rusa ("The red patch" in dialect) is one of the seminal folk group of the renaissance of the traditional music in Piedmont (and also in Italy).
For about twenty years La Ciapa Rusa represented a reference in the evolution of Northern Italian folk music: in their music you can find the (true) "Tradition" together with (some) innovation. In 1997 the group disbanded.

Ten da chent l'archet che la sunada l'è longa (1982) (NEW)
Stranòt d'amur (1984)
O sentì che bel cantà (1985)
Faruaji (1987)
Antologia (1990) (NEW)
Retanavota (1992)
Aji e Safràn (1994)
Diario di bordo (2003) (NEW)


Ramón said...

It is not possible downloading the disc "Diario di bordo", shareOnAll is closed.
Can you put the disc in another server?
Many thanks

Nathaniel Davis said...

Is there any chance you could post the Faruaji LP? I would love to hear it.