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Macina Gang ::: Nel tempo ed oltre, cantando...

The Gang were formed in 1984 as a punk group, inspired by The Clash, but in 1990 they had an important u-turn: to talk about Italian political and social situation they have to sing in Italian. They had also a musical turn, they left Clash's punk, the electric guitar was substituted by acoustic twelve string guitar, were added violin, accordion, harmonica, flutes and bands. The Gang produced three albums Le radici e le ali (1991), Storie d'Italia (1993), with the collaboration and artistic production by Massimo Bubola, Una volta è per sempre (1995) that can be considered among the best Italian folk rock records. On the stage the previous songs and also I fought the law by The Clash, ever performed by the Gang, were revised in acoustic way. In 2004, after two rock discs, Gang recorded Nel tempo e oltre cantando insieme with La Macina, band of musical search from Marche lead by Gastone Pietrucci. Traditional songs and Gang's songs were revised rearranged: an example of fusion between rock and popular tradition

La macina
Gastone Pietrucci: voice
Adriano Taborro: guitar, mandolin, voice
Marco Gigli: guitar, voice
Roberto Picchio: accordion
Marino Severini: voice, guitar
Sandro Severini: electric guitar
Francesco Caporaletti: bass
Paolo Mozzicafreddo: drums
Fabio Verdini: organ, keyboard

01. Le radici e le ali (S. Severini – M. Severini –- D. Riondino)
02. Kowalsky (M. Severini – M. Bubola/S. Severini –- M. Bubola)
03. Stavo in bottega che lavoravo... (Macina/trad)
04. La pianura dei sette fratelli (M. e S. Severini)
05. Carida' carida' ssignora... (Macina/trad)
06. Iside (M. e S. Severini)
07. Cecilia (Nigra 3) (Macina/trad)
08. Cioetta cioetta... (Macina/trad)
09. Sesto San Giovanni (M. Severini – M. Bubola/S. Severini – M. Bubola)
10. E' ffinidi i bozzi boni... (Macina/trad)
11. Fra giorno e nnotte so' ventiquattr0ore... (Macina/trad)
12. Eurialo e niso (M. Bubola – S. Severini)

2004 • Storie di note SDN033

Nel tempo ed oltre, cantando... part 1
Nel tempo ed oltre, cantando... part 2

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