Monday, February 04, 2008

Nuova agricola associazione ::: 2 e.p.’s

Nuova Agricola Associazione is born with the idea to revalue and to represent the Abruzzi’s musical culture and it is developed with the attempt to propose these topics in contemporary key, with modern musical moods and lyric coming from popular roots. The music - composed by Graziano Zuccarino (voice, acoustic guitar) in collaboration with Franco Liberati (drums), Fabio Duronio (acoustic guitar and voice), Maria Alessandra Piroddi (voice) - talks about stories of ordinary life in a little underground world with strong irony mixed with passion, love and joy. NAA songs have as main feature the Abruzzo’s language, expressed like musical and lyric element, but also as strongly callback of the origins, like cultural and territorial reference. NAA songs narrate history of daily life of the small truths of province, the peasants and their customs, the small - and therefore unconsidered - "dramas" of common people. The first two pubblications 'Shta vite gne nu teatrine and Dall’ Alente a lu Serepenne was been very appreciated from the critic and from the public, emphasized from the thousands of copies that have been sold all over the world
Inside NAA Website, is possible to have all the informations on the regarding events Nuova Agricola Associazione, to watch pictures, to listen songs and to read lyrics, and more over to be able to buy CD online. Official NAA live video Agrilaiv is available on Arterialab website

Shta vite gne nu teatrine

01 Lillylà (4:00)
02 Chi te tutte cose (3:34)
03 Piazze (3:32)
04 Vacri (3:58)

2002 • Riflessi

Dall’Alente a lu Serepenne

01 La vragna e la sulagna (3:40)
02 Frèchete (3:32)
03 Vecchia (5:13)
04 Lu sempliciotte (5:58)

2003 • Radici musicali

Maria Alessandra Piroddi: voice
Graziano Zuccarino: voice, guitar
Fabio Duronio: guitar
Franco Liberati: drums
Gianluca Francavilla: bass

2 e.p.’s
password: highqualitymp3

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