Saturday, March 01, 2008

Gai Saber ::: Electro Ch'Oc

Chiara Bosonetto: vocals
Paolo Brizio: diatonic accordion, darabuka, mandolin, vocals
Elena Giordanengo: harp, galoubet, vocals
Maurizia Giordanengo: diatonic accordion
Sandro Serra: drums
Maurizio Giraudo: bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy, flutes, vocals
Alessandro Rapa: acoustic guitar, vocals, sampling and digital sound

01 Intro
02 Quan lo rossinhols escria
03 La dançarem pus
04 Sentiment embrolhat
05 Cara Guitin
06 No sap chantar qui so non di
07 Joinessa mai que mai
08 Diga, Joaneta
09 Onze passa dotze
10 Quora sarei jà luenh

2002 • Bagare Records BGRR01



vespucci said...

Thanks, this is a nice one! Reminds me of groups like Hedningarna and Warsaw Village Band.

surcouf said...

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