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Radicanto ::: Lettere migranti

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Radicanto's song is a translated song. A song which goes through different languages and different cultures, with no certain centre. Their music is a vague memory of a vague tradition, which is memory itself, uncounted stories and uncounted spaces.
It is music of our time which translates tradition (that of Puglia and of the Mediterranean), making it sound in the present with the sounds of the present. In this sense, folk sound, a sound which does not belong to anybody, meets contemporary sound, the sounds of the other (heard by the instrument of the other) giving birth to a writing which reminds us of other writings, where what is told is just a pretext for telling itself. It is a writing built upon ironic and melancholic quotation, and upon improvisation, the essence of jazz, but it is not just jazz .
This music stands as a bridge between past and present, with an unlimited opening towards what is new. This music is rhythm which speaks directly to our body.
Poetry and laughter, melody and parody, feed a song which resembles a thousand songs, a form that is a thousand forms, immaterial matter which rewrites itself continuously. This writing lives in the concert time, an uncertain time, creating uncountable translations, uncountable interpretations of an exceeding and inexhaustible tradition. This music tells an endless tale which questions the time of history.
Pierpaolo Martino

Enzo Granella: voice (#1,2,5,6,8,9), guitars, charango, tamburello (#1)
Fabrizio Piepoli: voice (#2,4,8,10,11,12,13), chair i(#1,5), classic guitar #4)
Giuseppe De Trizio: mandolin, classic guitar (#8,12,13,14)
Vittorio Gallo: sax
Pierpaolo Martino: bass, double bass
Daniele Abbinante: drums, shakers, rattles
Adolfo La Volpe: electric guitar (#8,9,13,14), acoustic guitar (#14)
Maurizio Ranieri: piano (#4)
Giovanna Buccarella: cello (#2,4,11)

01 La Penna (Anonimo / V. Granella) 3’16"
02 Pupa di cera (Anonimo / Abbinante / De Trizio / Gallo / Granella / Martino / Piepoli) 3’29"
03 Tondo Viaggio (G. De Trizio) 3’30"
04 Letteri che t'ammanne (Anonimo / P. Piepoli) 4’22"
05 La Malatedda (Anonimo / V. Granella) 3’59"
06 Soleils Couchants (P. Verlaine / P. Martino) 2’39"
07 Controvento (G. De Trizio) 3’41"
08 Migranti (G. De Trizio) 3’55"
09 Stella Pianeta (Anonimo) 3’19"
10 La rantella grezza (Anonimo / V. Gallo) 3’08"
11 Favonio (P. Piepoli) 3’06"
12 Soffia nel campo (G. De Trizio) 1’48"
13 Re del silenzio (G. De Trizio) 2’52"
14 La casa delle donne (G. De Trizio) 4’04"

2002 • Compagnia Nuove Indye CNDL 14230

Lettere migranti
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