Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Riccardo Tesi, Patrick Vaillant & Gianluigi Trovesi ::: Colline

courtesy of Lucky at SFRP forum - Classic, Jazz, World 
This is the second album by Tesi and Vaillant augmented this time by jazz clarinet supremo GianLuigi Trovesi

Patrick Vaillant - mandolin, mandole, singing
Riccardo Tesi - organetto (diatonic accordion)
Gianluigi Trovesi - clarinet, bass clarinet, alto & soprano saxes
- with participation by
Jean-Jacques Avenel - double bass
Joël Allouch - drums

1. Maienca Dansa (Vaillant) 4'11
2. Il Funambolo (Tesi) 5'36
3. Promenade (Trovesi) 12'14
4. Li Barquetas de Sant Joan (lyrics: JanLuc Sauvaigo, music: Vaillant) 6'45
5. Tarantella Rouge et Noire (Tesi, intro: Avenel) 7'50
6. Romance (Vaillant) 7'02
7. Mazurcazione (Tesi) 6'42

Recorded in June 1994 at studio GAM, Waimes, Belgium.
Edited and mixed on September 1994 by Silvio Soave at Studio Si2A, Waimes, Belgium.
Graphics: Studio Kali (Si2A).
Band photograph by Laurent Grall-Rousseau.
Produced by André Ricros.

1994 • Silex Y225048

Colline part 1
Colline part 2
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Anonymous said...

i'm more than honored to participate in your deep blog, cianfulli.

i bought this mainly because i'm a fan of trovesi, i didn't know the two others (but i'm a accordion fan - and amateur player - myself, too). this is one of the most peaceful and positive music i heard.

salute! :D

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

it seems thath a password is required to open the archive......... :-(