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Riccardo Tesi & Maurizio Geri ::: Acqua, foco e vento

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Melodeon player RICCARDO TESI's long awaited new record is now available for his many fans to enjoy. Acqua, foco e vento is an elaborate exploration of Tuscan folklore, in particular that of the mountainous area surrounding the town of Pistoia. With the help of a clutch of guest musicians (who show their passion and enthusiasm on all of the album's tracks) TESI reveals himself once again as a great connoisseur of Italian folk tradition, an artist dedicated to digging up his native musical heritage. His new CD provides the occasion for getting to know once again the art of a pastoral world that was quickly forgotten in the post-war period and almost definitively erased from collective memory in the 1960s on account of heavy urbanization and material "progress".
On track after track, using documents and field recordings made by musicologists in the 1970s, TESI and companions reconstruct a world of great beauty and musical perfection, eschewing the rhetoric often tied to the peasant world and offering the listener instead a panoply of gleaming sounds cleared of ideological rust.
Through a repertory of work songs, ballads, nursery rhymes, lullabies and love songs, the function this music had in the daily life of the Pistoia region's inhabitants once again becomes clear as does their relationship to their neighbours in the Grossetano and Senese areas, not to mention with Corsica where Pistoians went in search of seasonal work as shepherds and coalmen.
Acqua, foco e vento features rewritings and arrangements of considerable refinement which, setting philology aside, reveal a great affection for the tradition and a capacity to draw out its true essence.

Riccardo Tesi (organetto diatonico)
Maurizio Geri (voce, chitarra)
Nando Citarella (voce, tamburello)
Anna Granata (voce)
Claudio Carboni (sax)
Daniele Mencarelli (contrabbasso)
Valerio Perla (percussioni)
Devis Longo (tastiere, sax, voce)
Mauro Palmas (mandola, voce, benas)
Damiano Puliti (violoncello)

01. Poveri Contadini
02. Violina(Violina)
03. Violina(Codina)
04. La ballata del carbonaro
05. Cos’e’ uno
06. Tonio Romito
07. Pan pentito
08. Pastorale (intro)
09. Pastorale (Eni ma vieni)
10. Pastorale (Oili’ oila’)
11. Pastorale(Pan di legno)
12. La sposa del re
13. Bevanda sonnifera
14. La cena della sposa
15. Iuccumere
16. La pastorella
17. Maggi(Maggio di Vico)
18. Maggi(Maggio di Maresca)

2003 • il manifesto CD109 • Felmay fy8060

Acqua, foco e vento part 1
Acqua, foco e vento part 2
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Grazie these two are excellent

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Merci bien pour cette musique magnifique.Dificile de la trouver en Grece.

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Muy bella música!!!

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Thanks! Bruce

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