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Calicanto ::: Isole senza mar

Isole senza mar is Calicanto's eleventh CD (presented in occasion of the 25th year of activity of the band: 1981-2006) is fully devoted to the music and the popular culture of the Euganean Hills. 
Isole senza mar has been prized by french 'Academie Charles Cros' as one of the four most interesting works worldwide in the scene of World Music, in 2006, with the special mention 'Coup de coeur'.
The work, a CD with a 80 pages booklet, comes from 2 years of researches on documents, and interviews to the elders bearing tradition, but also offers original tunes and collaborations with important guests such as J.M. Carlotti and D. Paris, the various musical and cultural entities of the Euganean Hills and reaching a sort of cultural partnership with french ” Le Parc Des Volcans D’Auvergne”.
And so, here are the recalls to trobadours of Corte Estense, to Beatrice d’Este, to Petrarca, Shelley, to gregorian chant, the rituals such as “batermarso”, musical bands echoes, corals, dances, lullabies, poetic images, everything helping to define the subtle beauty of these hills, and invites us to take a new moving trip on our roads.

Gabriele Coltri – pipes, armonium
Claudia Ferronato – vocals
Francesco Ganassin – clarinets, ocarinas, vocals
Giancarlo Tombesi – double bass, vocals
Roberto Tombesi – vocals, melodeons, mandolas, cetera, battente guitar, Jew's harp, tamburello
Paolo Vidaich – percussion, toys, vocals
withMonaci della Schola Cantorum dell’Abbazia di Praglia – vocals
Jan Marì Carlotti – vocals
Dominique Paris – cabrette, piedi
Paolo Bernardini – keyboards
Elisabetta Borille – vocals
Tiziana de Poli – vocals
Bruno Donà – ivy leaf
Renzo Ferronato – vocals
Valter Rizzo – hurdy-gurdy, bombarde
Susi Visentin – narration
Complesso strumentale Città di Galzignano Terme diretto da Franco Buson
Milladoiro on track 15

01. Approdo
02. La pastora e il lupo
03. La font de Laura
04. Batimarso/Vilote dei colli
05. Spagnolin de monte/Polesine/Scano Boa
06. Primi baci/Polka ad Alfred Mouret
07. I dodese mesi de l’ano
08. Bonaman – Ciarastela
09. La Rosolina
10. Poem
11. Beatriz
12. Asuivr…
13. Ave Maris Stella
14. Notturno euganeo
15. Voaria a Compostela

2005 • Calicanto Cierre

Isole senza mar part 1
Isole senza mar part 2
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