Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rita Botto ::: Donna Rita

Rita Botto was born in Catena, city of the Etna. Self-taught and versatile singer, with astonishing voice capacities, she has instructed singing at the “Modern Music” school of Ferrare, then at the “Baule dei Suoni” theatre school at Bologne, when she nowadays lives.
Impressed by the great folk artist Rosa Balistreri’s songs, Rita Botto has always tried to promote, as her, the treasures of the Sicilian popular music. She has dedicated to Rosa Balistreri her auto-produced album Ethnea. The name is a play on words between “ethnic” and “Etna”, which symbolizes the renewal of Sicilian music.
But it is thanks to the album Stranizza d’Amuri, which came out in 2004, that Rita Botto became well known by a larger public, receiving the critics’ unanimous approval, Italian as well as foreign.
She has also collaborated with important artists such as Alfio Antico, Antonio Marangolo, I Lautari, Roy Paci and Carmen Consoli.
Her stage appearances always impress, thanks to her singing technique, which is so particular, due to the fact that she uses a vase as a sound box. Her new disk, Donna Rita, has just come out, in more than 10 countries

Felice Del Gaudio: bass
Massimo Tagliata: piano, accordion
Paolo Caruso: percussion
Giancarlo Bianchetti: guitar
Giuseppe Finocchiaro: piano
Ruggero Rotolo: drums
Roy Paci: trumpet, flugelhorn
Teo Ciavarella: keyboards
Puccio Castrogiovanni: Jew’s harp
Giovanni Arena: bass
Roberto Rossi: percussion
Carlo Cattano: soprano sax
Enrico Guerzoni: cello

01 Canzonetta 2
02 Tirannia
03 I pirati a Palermo
04 Ritango
05 Rosa
06 Ti amai
07 Sulu-ppi-tia
08 Amara terra mia
09 A curuna
10 L’altalena
11 Mi votu e mi rivotu
12 Haja o que houver

2007 • Kind of blue records Recording arts 50-05

Donna Rita
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