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Tenore de Orosei ::: Amore profundhu. Voches de Sardinna 1

The Sardinian singing, not to doubt it, establishes, due to its liveliness, one of the most popular polyphonic expressions of the Mediterranean Sea.
U Cuncordu e Tenore, stemming from brotherhoods of Santa Croce, del Rosario and from Sas Animas de Orosei (which hold among others a unique tradition of the directory of the Holy Week), excels at both sacred and profane directories and is recognized as one of the most representative groups of this Sardinian vocal art.
Omnipresent, the singing populates the liturgy as much as it gives rhythm to the peasant holidays, in the borders of the layman and the sacred. We evoke love, death, suffering of the people, beauty of women, enjoyment during good harvests or birth of child. 
The voices of five men of the group, with rough accents, seem to extract intestines of the earth... This land of SARDINIA in the oral heritage of a universally inestimable value. 
The secular singing "a tenore" expresses himself by a tense throaty voice which gives a stamp vibrating in both parts of harmony: counterpoint and singing.
This technique exists nowhere else in the whole world except in Mongolia!
By carrying their singings through the other parts of the country, the group attempts to protect and to restore this musical wealth.
The emotion, in the listening of these polyphonies, is simple and strong as these men who know so well how to make it share to their public, touched the hollow of the soul.
Mario Siotto
Gianluca Frau
Patrizio Mura
Tore Mula
1. Cara Cantu Ser Bella
2. Dillu
3. Vidu Ndh'appo de Rosa
4. Fin Tantos Cassatores
5. A una Rosa
6. Pruite Cantas Ancora
7. Iscurta Alligra Rosa
8. Muttos
9. Su Puddhu
1998 • Winter & Winter 910 021-2
320 kbps - no booklet 
Amore profundhu part 1
Amore profundhu part 2


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