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BandAdriatica ::: Contagio

"CONTAGIO is a hypothetical voyage through the ports of the Adriatic Sea. A long trip made of chance encounters and spasmodic research. To travel by sea is not the same as to travel on dry land. Sea journeys are at the mercy of the shifting will of waves and currents. From the shores of Italy’s Salento to Albania, from Venice to Dubrovnik and as far afield as Crete, dreaming of a safe haven.
The Adriatic is a sea of incongruities, of barely covert diversity. All of its ports are different, profoundly different. Its myriad languages are like winds seriously jeopardising those who sail. Its peoples, separated by centuries, rarely meet by choice, more often than not because of necessity. Its musical traditions, the illegitimate offspring of a common root, have always taken different routes.
Donning their worn-out apparel during their Calabrian tours or their best suits for wedding feasts, their teeth of gold worn as accessories to their instruments and the ornaments stuck in their hats, they walk slowly behind the saints, they hurry from town to town, from fete to fete, up steep hilly streets after Madonnas, across the open sea after small processions of boats or aboard large ships taking them overnight to the opposite shore. The quest for the common linguistic denominator between the bands and fanfares of East and West is no easy task. It is a challenge which has become a long- term project. This is our point of departure."
“Contagio is the name of the first cd by Bandadriatica. It has nicked lips and hair carried by the wind. The same wind first blew up our sails now blows in our instruments carrying on languages and music escaping each other now and forever.
Contagion spreads voices and instruments. Infected by a rhythm coming from abroad, the music of Puglia bands is more charming and patchy, enriched with unexpected sounds (Brindisi DC, Tourbanda). Fluent and frantic composition (Penza e ripenza, Tarantella adriatica) and slowly marches (Erdi dethi tallas tallas, To ghiasemi, Le mille e un valzer) entwine in an impervious path. Lyrics tell of an eternal cyrcle: santa paranza is a lay prayer telling about the sea loneliness; i giorni del contagio is a modern rumba, an elegy of a cultural invasion.
Guest star ‘King’ Naat Veliov slave trumpet, author of Pizzica estam, together with Claudio Prima, a Salento Macedonian music mix. Here italian organetto meet the Kochani Orkestar trumpet. The Kohcani Orkestar is one of the most famous Balkans music brass band. Bandadriatica and Kochani Orkestar have played together in August 2006, on the occasion of Notte della taranta Festival 2006 and again in Rome in Septemebr 2007 during the famous Notte Bianca festival.
Claudio Prima, eclectic organetto player, is the leader of Bandadriatica; the band is made up by musicians from different cultures and origins under the sign of the Adriatic sea. The cd is the outcome of a long path, searching and experimenting relationships between the music from the South of Italy, Albania (thanks to Redi Hasa, the Albanian cellist of the band), Greece and the north-east Adriatic side. Traditions blend with slowly marches of processions, rumbas and cocek of the cruise party. Original lyrics and music search for a new kind of language able to match traditions and peculiarities of Adriatic cultures, in which music is always carried by a ‘banda’ or a ‘fanfara’.
During 2007 Bandadriatica teamed up with Eva Quartet, vocal bulgarian quartet of “Les Mystere des voix bulgares”. The first introduction of their cd “Contagio” has been done live in Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome.
Moreover the group is hosted in a lot of important ethnic music festivals (Mundus, Vincoli Sonori, Gipsy and klezmer music festival, La notte della Taranta Festival, La Notte Bianca a Roma, Festate - Svizzera, Libra Festival). Tribù Italiche – Puglia by World Music Magazine has chosen one song by Bandadriatica as one of the most representative musical bands of Puglia. In November “Contagio” is in the Folk Roots top ten, one of the most important European world music charts.

Claudio Prima: diatonic accordeon, voice
Redi Hasa: cello, bouzouki (9), electric bass (4)
Emanuele Coluccia: tenor and soprano saxophones
Andrea Perrone: trumpet
Vincenzo Grasso: clarinet, tenor saxophone
Gaetano Carrozzo: trombone
Domenico Zizzi: tuba
Ovidio Venturoso: drums, cajon, percussions
King Naat Veliov: trumpet (6, 9, 11 )
Maria Mazzotta: voice (2. 6, 11)
Alessandra Caiulo, Carla Maniglio: chorus (2)
Manuela Salinaro: tar (12)
Giancarlo Paglialunga: tambourine (6)
Valerio Daniele: acoustic guitar (4)
Roberto Chiga: riqq (4), darbouka (11 )

01 Brindisi DC
02 Santa Paranza
03 I giorni del contagio
04 Tourbanda
05 Pizzica
06 Penza e ripenza
07 To ghiasemi
08 Le mille e un valzer
09 Tarantella adriatica
10 Erdhi Dethi Tallas Tallas
11 Lake Populake
12 Larg (lontano)

2007 • Finisterre FTCD 41

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