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Sardaigne: Polyphonies de la Semaine Sainte / Sardinia: Polyphony for Holy Week

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Religious music, as is the case in Corsica, still employs Latin texts, and the singers' understanding of them is very approximate. Bernard Lortat-Jacob's magnificent anthology of Holy Week music includes settings of the Miserere from Cuglieri (in the province of Oristano), Santu Lussurgiu (Oristano), Castelsardo (three different versions for different occasions), of the Stabat Mater from Cuglieri, Aidomaggiore (Oristano), Bonnanaro (province of Sassari) and Castelsardo. There is also a Jesus from Castelsardo , whose text runs "Jesus a Petro ter negato/Miserere nobis/Christe exaudi nos", and one piece in the Sardinian language, Sa novena. Complementary repertoire, with further pieces in Sardinian, may be found on Winter & Winter's anthology Voches de Sardinna 2, with excellent accompanying photographic documentation but no texts or commentary. Pinuccio Solinas’s astounding collection of six discs includes no less than eight versions of the Miserere (Alà dei Sardi, two versions from Nughedu San Nicolò, Nulvi, Pattada, Perfugas, Pozzomaggiore and Cheremule), and eight of the Stabat Mater (Alà dei Sardi, Berchidda, Castelsardo, Ittireddu, Laerru, Mores, Nughedu San Nicolò and Pattada), and a large number of other sacred pieces. The collection includes a brief introduction and, importantly, all the sung texts with translations in both Italian and English. This set is a major contribution to the discography

1 Miserere, Cuglieri
2 Stabat Mater, Cuglieri
3 Stabat Mater, Aidomaggiore
4 Miserere, SantuLussurgiu
5 Sa novena, SantuLussurgiu
6 Miserere, Bonnanaro
7 Miserere de carême, Castelsardo
8 Miserere du Lundi Saint, Castelsardo
9 Stabat Mater, Castelsardo
10 Jesus, Castelsardo
11 Miserere du Vendredi Saint, Castelsardo

1992 • Le Chant du Monde (Collection CNRS-Musée de l'Homme) Harmonia Mundi LDX 274936, Booklet + CD covers included

Sardaigne: Polyphonies de la Semaine Sainte

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