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Lhi Jari ::: Minoranças

The group presents its own folk-rock Occitan music with the idea of blending the enchanting quality of traditional music with the thrilling sound of contemporary music. Lhi JARI set up in 1996 as 'La Bando dal Giari' and in October 2003 changed its name to this one more incisive. A style which stems from the wish to continue on the traditional influence of years gone by, and also from the desire to present the group's original modern style under a newly developed 'electric disguise'. Native from Piedmont (Turin, Italy), the group presents itself as an original interpreter of the 'Occitan' music and finds its own roots in the poetry and lyrics of the ancient troubadours of 'Langue d'oc'. The objective is to present a repertoire of its own composition, in which the traditional form of the Occitan dances is portrayed in the form of rock ska or funk: traditional instruments, such as accordion, bagpipes, violin, hurdy-gurdy and flutes play alongside bass, electric guitar and drums

Luca Pellegrino: lead vocals, accordion, hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes, recorders
Daniele Landra: melodeon, recorders, backing vocals
Daniele Dalmasso: violin, melodeon, bagpipes, backing vocals
Diego Giordano: guitar, backing vocals
Fabio Beltramo: bass
Roberto Marengo: drums

01 Gacha que strano
02 Minorancas
03 Lou jour d'apreis
04 Doumoure d'en bot
05 Lou diau lo porte
06 Lou barboun
07 Jari patanu
08 La neou
09 La ruza
10 Difido
11 La crus
12 Balet
13 Aria di Dea
14 Au pople nostre
15 Utopis

2004 • Ethnoworld FR CD 138

Minoranças part 1
Minoranças part 2
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