Wednesday, August 05, 2009

iPercussonici::: Tuttipari

Ancient sounds for future music
An ostinato jew’s harp flowing like the lava of Etna gives the tempo and the sound of this new formidable band from Catania. We can feel all of Sicily in this project, ancient Trinacria and the modern island, as the heat of IPERcusSONICI melts diverse rhythms and instruments, interweaving electrified steel reeds with skin and wood of ancestral drums. A massive impact of rhythmic fire for a very unique and unheard sonic world, stemming also from the passion and research of these muscians who have travelled through different rhytmic vulcanos and have ripositioned them inside a musical texture which is ancient but hypermodern

Carlo Condarelli: dum dum, djembé, krin, snare drum, balafon, marranzano, backing vocals.
Alice Ferrara: vocals, sangban, castagnette.
Luca Recupero: marranzano, khomus, doromb, koukin, tamburello, tammorra, ‘mbira, vocals, live electronics.
Michele Musarra: P-bass
Stefano Spoto: didjeridoo, clapsticks
Alessandro Vicard: double bass
special guests
Andrea Ferroni: didjeridoo
Giancarlo Parisi: tiliko flute, bag pipe
Agostino Tilotta: electric guitars

01 - Sicily (Condarelli, Ferrara, Recupero, Spoto, Parisi) 4.26
02 - Ventu di mari (Condarelli, Ferrara, Recupero, Spoto) 3.50
03 - Chiacchiere (Condarelli, Ferrara, Recupero) 2.42
04 - Biruno (Condarelli, Ferrara, Recupero) 2.54
05 - Nata s’un’isola (Condarelli, Ferrara, Recupero, Musarra) 3.31
06 - Na Terra (Condarelli, Ferrara, Recupero, Spoto, Vicard, Ferroni) 3.30
07 – C’è na cosa (Condarelli, Ferrara, Recupero, Vicard) 2.49
08 - Cantiluna (Condarelli, Ferrara, Recupero) 3.24
09 - Ula (Condarelli, Ferrara, Recupero, Vicard) 3.56
10 - Scambi (Condarelli, Ferrara, Recupero, Spoto) 3.17
11 - Liotro blues (Condarelli, Ferrara, Recupero, Spoto, Parisi) 3.08
12 - Piscaturi (Condarelli, Ferrara, Recupero, Vicard, Tilotta) 8.45

2008 • Finisterre FTCD 46


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