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Marusic IsTrio ::: Istrophonia

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Music CD "Istrophonia", by Istrian musicologist Dario Marušić and his band "IsTrio", with reinterpretations of original Istrian traditional songs, dedicated to Jules Verne, with quoting from "Mathias Sandorf" on the cover.
The pluriethnic and multicultural microcosm of Istria is a meeting point and a point of constant contact, exchange, permeation, and transformation, but also the maintenance of continuity of the musical cultures of the Croats, Slovenes, Italians, Istro-Romanians and Peroj-Montenegrins as autochtonous ethnic groups. The Istrian modus vivendi that translates multiculturality to authentic, everyday culture can be defined as an articulate and unique system of historical, ethnic, cultural and linguistic shades that marks and determines the specific quality of Istria in relation to most of Croatian, Slovenian, and Italian, but also many other European areas.
It s not the mere sum of different cultural substances, which, by historical circumstances, exist one next to each other, but it is more a centuries-long, spiritually-cultural sedimentation and intertwinement in which, what is special productively comes up from specific unity of cultural differences. Because of true intercultural communication, multicultural facts are not made distincitve but only being recognized

Dario Marusic: fiddle electric violin, Istrian pipes. MIDI wind controller, programming, vocals
Marino Cranjak: guitar, vocals
Gabriele Coltri: woodwinds
Drago Draguzet: keyboards

01. A la bugarissa, Sanja rozice na 7 (3:26)
02. Xe la luna in mezo al mare (4:17)
03. Balon draguzetov (2:08)
04. Jota Iota Yota (3:55)
05. Tamo doli poli mora (4:07)
06. Bregbalon (3:37)
07. Rondinistrovica (3:45)
08. Polka z Dragutske vale (3:49)
09. Prosi je star muz divojku, Zrasla mi ladonja (3:10)
10. Vien, valservien (5:08)
11. RSB (3:28)
12. Siben che son veceto (3:38)
13. Na moru bez kraja (2:09)
14. Ale bele pute (4:00)

1996 • Ribium CDE11


A very interesting piece of work on Istrian folk music

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