Friday, November 27, 2009

Ghetonia ::: Terra e sale

Ghetonia means "neighbourhood" in old Homer's Greek, the language still spoken in the Southern Italian community where the members of the group live (Lecce's county). They all come from professional folk, jazz and classic and together have reached a so high level of maturity and awareness that the press has no doubt to state every time that Ghetonia is the best Italian folk group, at least for complexity and virtousity in playing and musical research. They usually set up a song using old poems dating up to 3,000 years ago on which compose new music; on the contrary they leave original melodies where these have been survived the centuries. It's a very fascinating voyage into time and a real re-discovering of our Greek roots that are still alive in Southern Italy. Their music could seem a little "Eastern" or "Balkanic", but it's the true old Greek music that derives from ancient times

Roberto Licci – vocals, acoustic guitar
Emanuele Licci – vocals, classical guitar
Salvatore Cotardo - soprano saxophone, clarinet
Massimo Pinca - bass
Antonio Cotardo - flute
Admir Shkurtaj - accordion
Franco Nuzzo – percussion

01 Nera serpe 2:06
02 Aspro to khartì 2:43
03 Agapimu fidela protinì 5:25
04 Rindineddha ci rindini lu mare 5:23
05 Oriamu pisulina 2:06
06 Mavro ce skotinò 2:34
07 Diavika 3:22
08 Se la pena 2:02
09 Agapiso 2:38
10 Terra e sale 3:44
11 Kalì nifta 4:44
12 Panta s'agapisa 4:08
13 Praison jelonta 3:45

2006 • Anima mundi AM 001

Terra e sale


Anonymous said...

Grazie mille by pUzTKanna.

Alexandre Napoli said...

First of all, congratulaions for the blog, it's a great public service for the divulgation of italian music. I already downloaded several albums from here, and It's always a pleasure, because, besides the musical quality, there's always detailed and explanatory booklets. There's only one little problem, tough: I can't read the description of the albuns, because the visualization is problematic. I don't know if it's a problem of my web navigators, or if someone else already complained about it. However, I tried both in the Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, and the problem remains the same. I can only read the begginig of the texts... After that, they are simply cut by the page.
Thanks, and keep up the good work.
Ps: I'm sorry to write in English, but, in spite of my last name, I'm brazilian, and I can't speak italian very well.

cianfulli said...

I'm sorry you can't visualize these pages well.
I tried IE, Safari and Mozilla and they all worked without problems.
Can anyone help him?