Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Salentorkestra ::: Centueuna

Salento tradition is a starting point from which operate a fascinating series of grafts, interweaving instrumental music and culture of their land and those bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Different trance sounds in the Mediterranean are retraced, recovering voices and instruments, sounds rooted in time, left us by people who walked or conquered our lands. The "great white sea", as Arabs call it, is a crossroads of ancient cultures, entranced by the knowledge of art and its multiple languages, which are the common feelings of mankind. After a long and deep research done in the field at close contact with their people and musical collaborations in the field of worldmusic, Salentorkestra presents its first recording project entitled "Centueuna", offering original compositions and traditional music of Salento in the broader context of musical culture of the Mediterranean. The great strength of the group is to restate the pizzica pizzica, an ancient rhythm that leads step by step to trance, where the instrumental virtuosity and the hypnosis of lullabies colours the respectful but insistent rhythm of the dance, cathartic and liberating.

Massimiliano Morabito: melodeons
Giancarlo Paglialunga: vocals, tamburelli, percussion
Dario Muci: vocals, chitarrino, bouzouki
Marco Turi: clarinets, flute, recorders
Gianluca Longo: mandola, classic guitar
Radi Hasa: cello
Claudio Pusterla: tamburello, vocals
Adolfo La Volpe: Portoguese guitar
Valerio Daniele: acoustic guitar
Giuseppe Spedicato, acoustic bass
Vito De Lorenzi: santur
Maria Mazzotta: vocals

01 Centueuna
02 Alla ripa de tu mare
03 Trainieri
04 Tarantella a compa' Uccio
05 Ninna nanna
06 Onda
07 T'aggiu amata comu na rosa
08 L'indiavolata (Pizzica di Nardò)
09 Jetoj
10 Nella

2008 • Anima mundi 15


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birivoli said...

Non conoscevo questo gruppo. Molto bravi. Grazie!