Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ernesto Sala ::: Il piffero di Cegni

Regione Lombardia - Documenti della cultura popolare 6 
Ernesto Sala (1907/1989) learned piffero and its tricks by Giacomo ‘Jacmon’ Sala, reknown master of this instrument, and, in turn was teacher to lot of younger disciple.

Ernesto Sala: piffero
Dante Tagliani: accordion (I guess)

Edited by Bruno Pianta

01 Alessandrina
02 Alessandrina
03 Monferrina
04 Piana
05 Monferrina
06 Alessandrina
07 Alessandrina
08 Alessandrina
09 Monferrina
10 Monferrina
11 Piana
12 Monferrina
13 Piana/Alessandrina
14 Monferrina di Napoleone
15 Sestrina
16 Giga
17 Giga
18 Perigurdino
19 Sposina
20 Stranot
21 Polka
22 Povera donna

1976 • Vedette Albatros VPA 8269

Il piffero di Cegni

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malky113 said...

Hi from Scotland
I have this album & there is some great music on it.
I wonder if anyone is able to provide me with a copy of the insert booklet, which was missing when I purchased the LP? A scanned copy or a download (if available)would be ideal.
In fact there are a few other Italian Folk Music LPs where I also need the missing insert booklets:
Minatori della Valtrompia (5 Regione Lombardia) (Albatros VPA 8237/RL)
Il Lazio- Vol. 1 (Albatros VPA 8314)
Cantovivo- Barbagal E Altre
Can anyone help?