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Pìvari Trio & Compagnia del Maggio di Frassinoro ::: La terra che mi porta

Canti sacri di tradizione popolare emiliana
The work proposed by Pìvari Trio and the soloists of the Compagnia del Maggio di Frassinoro, is the result of the research into the sacred songs of the popular tradition commissioned to Fabio Bonvicini e Mario Nobile by the Culture Councilorshipl of Nonantola (Modena).
The research has followed two levels: on the one hand the field studies with the recordings of rituals still alive and the records of the elders that told and sang us their musical memories; on the other hand – conscious to chase a vanishing treasure – the study of the research carried out by other scholars in times when this musical tradition, now forgotten, was still alive.
The inquiry stage finished, we stroke the problem to elaborate and repropose the rich and meaningful material collected: thanks songs, pieces of liturgical origin, Passion songs, tipically folk tunes for feast days.
The first need of the Trio, in comparison with the previous work about the songs and dances of the Frignano area called “Passa ripassa”, was to find the voices that could suggest the ancient musical history both of the repertoire and of the cultures found during the research.
Hence the common ground with Marco Picentini and the “Compagnia del Maggio di Frassinoro”, that joined immediately the project to work at the elaboration and revival of the collected repertoire.
The selection of the pieces, the arrangements, the instruments, the voices, the program organization, everything has been worked out and discussed together to obtain, as a result, this new CD.
The tunes are arranged according to the calendar year: from Epiphany to Christmas. The choice of the instruments and the arrangements – mostly edited by Marco Piacentini – have been organized according to two focal points: the one, that could be called church style, with quiet and intimate sonorities to tell the events of the Passion and play the more liturgical pieces; the other – that we could rather call “festive” – that merges with a richer and happier style the songs of the liturgical events related with the feasts and the folk traditions, where the Christian message mixes with ancient pagan festivities, such as in the Epiphany, or with musical tradition outside the religious field, such as in the “Maggio Drammatico”. What remains untouched, but in fact reproposed in its clear authenticity, is the colour, the tune, the expression of the voices of the singers of the “Maggio”.
Such as the faces of the “Il Vangelo secondo Matteo” of Pasolini, or the language of the “Mistero buffo” of Dario Fo, the ancient voices of the singers of the “Maggio” hand down the message of another culture, of a world available only in the depths, in the havens of an actual sound scene too often reduced to an univocal and deafening colour.

Pivari trio
Fabio Bonvicini: flute, bagpipe, ocarina, vocals
Mario Nobile: cello, accordion, vocals
Renzo Ruggiero: hurdy-gurdy, nyckelharpa, vocals
Compagnia del Maggio from Frassinoro
Oraldo Biondini: vocals
Stefano Marcolini: vocals
Marco Piacentini: harmonium, vocals
Flavio Pierazzi: vocals

01 Ecco donne la Befana - Valzer intermezzo
02 Maria Maddalena
03 La maténna del Vègner Sènt
04 Stabat mater - Miserere
05 Christus crucifixus est
La bella stagione
06 Maggio delle anime - Scottis intermezzo
07 Maggio drammatico - Polca e valzer intermezzo
08 Torna, deh torna
La messa
09 Kyrie
10 Agnus Dei
11 Santa Lucia - Intermezzo di Riolunato
12 Andiamo noi pastori - Tu scendi dalle stelle

2005 • Folkclub Ethnosuoni ES 5348

La terra che mi porta

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