Friday, December 25, 2009

Simone Carotenuto & i Tammorrari del Vesuvio ::: Aizamme sta tammorra

Maybe the worst cover on this blog, but a tryly enjoyable record

.. THE TRADITION THAT EMBRACES THE EXPERIMENTATION Simone Carotenuto is the “ tammorriata”. Son of the tradition and today one of the major representatives of this ancient form of communication, that is music, dance and singing. His voice is one of the hottest from the Campania music, one of the latest big singers of “ fronne” paradigm and symbol of singing on the drums. He is gifted with a strong talent and a particular verve, that allows him in every situation to have a relationship of great understanding with his public. The search continues in his field and root of his musical formation. It is around this great strong personality that the group “ Tammorrari del Vesuvio” was born. The search and experiment, united with great love for tradition can be found in an anthology of folk music Campania. The latest album “ Aizamme sta Tammorra” have made them one of the most important musical groups and as representatives of Italian folk music. There voyage began with local symbols of Campania tradition, it has expanded the world’s view and on its people. The Tammorrari masters are currently working on experiments and on the blend of sound and thought, that are the beat and thought of the whole Mediterranean, but also the influenced worlds that are fascinating like that of the Balkans and Andalusian

Simone Carotenuto: singing
Pina Ascione: singing, dance
Catello Gargiulo: singing, accordion, frame drums, jew’s harp
Francesco Maiorino: bass, doublebass
Giovanni Palomba: frame drums, percussion
Hiram Salsano : frame drums, dance
Giovanni Vicidomini: bouzouki, guitar, battente guitar, flutes, shawm
Gianmarco Volpe: guitar, mandola, violin

01. Tammurriata alli uno 6:00
02. tammurriata alla summese 3:45
03. Aizamme sta tammorra 3:08
04. Maronna e ll'Arco 3:41
05. E' fatta notte e o patrone chiagne 2:56
06. Tammuriata Giuglianese 4:44
07. Tarantella Cilentana 4:09
08. Pe rosa 4:46
09. Salita e danza per la Madonna Avvocata 4:08
10. Canto per la Madonna di Montevergine 5:18
11. Tammurriata dell'agro nocerino-sarnese 8:21
12. Tammurrita dei Monti Lattari 4:52
13. Jesce sole 3:33

2007 • Maffucci music

Aizamme sta tammorra

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