Monday, January 18, 2010

L'arte noscia ::: Il pianeta della taranta

Very young musicians and virtuosi of Tamburello playing (Pizzica and Taranta) that feature a traditional acoustic sound re-styled in a modern way to sing and set up musical structures. "L'Arte Noscia" (that means in slang "Our Art") has a "youngsters-like" mood because of its modern approach that allows to attract even pop fans. Group's easy and catchy style is at the same time full of energy and communication

Stefano Coluccia: accordion, tambourine
Fabio Maruschio: tambourine
Marco Nuzzo: guitar, tambourine, vocals
Paride Pellegrino: tambourine
Milena Chiarillo: vocals, dance
Pamela Bisanti: vocals, dance

01 I confini della pizzica 4:03
02 L'acqua te la funtana 5:29
03 Lu rusciu te lu mare 5:21
04 Lu puttanieri 4:03
05 Pizzicarella 4:02
06 La Campagnola 3:19
07 Progressiv pizzica 4:20
08 Lu sule te lu Salentu 3:30
09 Pizzica in sol 3:10
10 Hai lu core meu 4:11
11 La rondinella 3:54
12 Poesia dell'artista 4:33

2005 • Maffucci music MM053

Il pianeta della taranta

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this one, actually for the entire blog. I simply love this music... Must buy some of this stuff, hopefully I'll find some in my trip to Roma.