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VV.AA. ::: Sonos ‘e memoria

Recorded live at Teatro Comunale di Cagliari and Teatro Verdi di Sassari, April 29 - 30 1996
It isn't fictive folk music, it isn't jazz, it isn't classical, it isn't traditional or world music - it's simply Sardinian music from Sardinian musicians. The idea emerged through the work of the film director Gianfranco Cabbido, who resides in Rome. While doing research some eight years ago in preparation for his film Bakunin's Children, he was surprised by his discovery of an abundance of film material covering life in Sardinia from the 1930's to the 50's. The film was a reflection of what was even for him, as a native Sardinian, an almost forgotten world. He lovingly restored the material, and soon had developed the idea of putting the material together as a sort of documentary. And what made more sense than to have musicians accompany this visual record live on stage? The document was from the period of the silent movies, so why not do it as it had been done in those earlier days? It was only logical for the onetime amateur jazz musician Cabiddu to come up with the idea of giving a musician such Paulo Fresu this task. The ground-work for "Sonos e memoria - Sound and Remembrance" was laid. "I don't want to show the traditional side of Sardinia in the music. The film shows that. I wanted to track down the elements of the traditional music that still exist and are relevant today. We show what has developed out of the tradition up to the present day." Paulo Fresu
A remarkable sound track to a documentary by Gianfranco Cabiddu, recorded live as the musicians watched the film. It moves from Sardinian folk music to edgy-outside improv to structured big-band jazz, fuled by incredible musicianship
Gianfranco Cabiddu filmed another documentary titled Passaggi di tempo about the making of this soundtrack

Paolo Fresu - trumpet & fluegelhorn
Furio di Castri - bass, multieffects
Elena Ledda - vocals
Luigi Lai - launeddas
Mauro Palmas - mandola
Antonello Salis - accordion
Federico Sanesi - percussion
Carlo Cabiddu - violoncello
Coro ''Su Concordu ‘e su Rosariu'' di Santulussurgiu:
Mario Corona - sa contra
Giovanni Ardu - su bassu
Antonio Migheli - sa ‘oghe
Roberto Iriu - su contraltu

01 Pregadoria - 05:18
02 Freentry - 03:33
03 Ballu - 04:54
04 Sa Pastorina - 01:29
05 Salisolo - 04:01
06 Wanderlust - 04:26
07 Mi e La - 04:14
08 Ite Bella - 02:12
09 Filugnana - 03:44
10 Bass'N'Drum - 03:54
11 Sonos 'E Memoria - 24:50

2001 • Act 9291-2

Sonos 'e memoria
Sonos'e memoria - the documentary

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