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Ethnos ::: O bannu

If only for a few downs, really incomprehensible, "O Bannu" (the auctioneer) would be one of the best albums of folk GM in recent times. Just listen to the initial "Polcabasilisca" and appreciate the valuable work of rebuilding the polka – faster than usual, explosive in a vertigo of sound that ideally connects the past (buried, moldy, vilified despite ofthe nostalgia of the alleged insane conservative tradition) and the time of today (elusive, 'liquid', plural) reaffirming that reality can only be in flux. Like it or not.
Graziano Accinni, creator of the project Ethnos, guitarist and composer working in pop music for a long time, returns to his native region and walks through the rubble of Basilicata, a land that seems left in the first World War, yet so fascinating in its dignified rural poverty. In the sixteen pieces that make up this score there are the tradition of the Agri Valley (province of Potenza) (devotional songs, lullabies, tarantella, dance), and suggestions of new composition that draw skilfully Greek tradition, Moroccan, Spanish and Portuguese.
A compact body, governed by an underlying logic convincing (the idea of a unique music of Southern Europe, ie, which is based across the Mediterranean), played by excellent musicians of various origins, enveloping sound with soul, of very balanced, never too ostentatious in their time of great instrumental virtuosity…
Luca Ferrari • April, 15 2009

Graziano Accinni: guitars, banjo, guitar synth
Franco Accinni: voice
Marco Tirone: classic guitar
Silvio De Filippo: acoustic guitar
Sal Genovese: bass
Gegè De Filippis: percussion
Sergio Leopardi: sax, clarinet
Pietro Di Lascio (1914-2001): voce, ciaramella (08, 16)
Davide Cervellino: flamenco guitar (09)
Davide Sorrentino: bass in Fiore ri lu fiori
Pietro Ciuccio: percussion in (02, 06, 09, 13, 14, 15)
Vincenzo D’Orsi: percussion (10)
Antonio Cimino: flute (06, 14)
Enzo Valente, Angela Castelluccia, Angelo Loia: Gargano and Cilento battente guitars
Peppe De Michele: bass (03)
Tiziano Cillis: harmony vocals (04, 06, 14)

01 Polca basilisca
02 Crevu
03 Antidotum
04 Rusariu
05 Polca a matrimonio
06 Vola e mena
07 Lucanae
08 Madonna del Sacro Monte
09 Musa mediterranea
10 Cirasieddu
11 Sona si vuoi sunà
12 O bannu
13 Fiore ri lu fiori
14 Sciucam
15 Tarantella all’Aviglianese
16 Devozionale

2009 • Scaramuccia Music SCM 004-1

O bannu

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