Friday, February 12, 2010

Ma'arìa ::: Sugnari

Two women with their extraordinary voices, the rhythm of the percussions, and an acoustic guitar a bit gipsy. All gathered around Valeria Cimò's poetry, a sort of alchemical mix of ordinary life, lullabies, fables, and dreams. Ma'arìa is a Sicilian word meaning witchery, spell, as to say what these young musicians used to give strenght to this debut album, sprouting under the guidance of Massimo Laguardia, one of the characters of Sicilian trad music

Valeria Cimò: voice, tammura, tamburello
Lajos Zsivkov: guitar, kaval, percussion
Matilde Politi: voice, guitar, accordeon, tamburello, Jew’s harp

01 Sugnari (V. Cimò)
02 Palermu (V. Cimò)
03 Abballarò (V. Cimò)
04 ‘Mparannu a vulari (V. Cimò)
05 U’ Pisciuzzu (V. Cimò)
06 Aspittari (V. Cimò-M. Politi)
07 Quattru fimmini (V. Cimò)
08 A’ taverna (V. Cimò)
09 Beddu di matri (V. Cimò)
10 Sigrita (V. Cimò)
11 E ti pari nenti (V. Cimò-M. Politi)
12 Principessa (V. Cimò-M. Politi)
13 Mari (V. Cimò)
14 Canò Canò (V. Cimò)
15 Tammura muta (bonus video-track) (V. Cimò)

2007 • Folkclub Ethnosuoni ES 5364


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