Thursday, February 04, 2010

Meikenut ::: REV

A great encounter between old and new, tradition and innovation: this is the leading theme of the incoming CD of this young Piedmontese ensemble. The record presents a repertoire mainly focussed on local traditional melodies enriched by fresh and lively ethnic arrangements with two-row melodeon, harp, fiddle and many other instruments

Raffaele Antoniotti: melodeon, sax, whistles, vocals
Elena Mantovani: harp
Miss. Silvietta: electroacoustic violin
Claudio Montagnoli: percussion
Doctor Lorenz: double bass

01 Pot-pourri 2 (trad.)
02 An val d’Andurn (trad.)
03 Monferrine suite 1 (trad.) (there are two small gaps in the middle of the tune, sorry)
04 O gin gin (trad.)
05 Monferrine suite 3 (trad.)
06 ‘N ‘ti arzimoi (trad.)
07 Pot-pourri 1 (trad.)
08 Monferrine suite 5 (trad.)
09 La tabachina (trad.)
10 Pot-pourri (trad.)

2007 • Folkclub Ethnosuoni ES 5363


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