Friday, February 26, 2010

Zagara ::: L'eros nella Grecia Salentina

Female group of 7 from Salento's "Greek" speaking area. The most "eastern" album and one of the most fascinating work of our catalog. The music and the concerts of Zagara have something magic that make their sound absolutely original and unique. One could say they have created a new kind of music from a dream in which you can see Homer and the ancient Greece.

Valentina Madonna: voice
M. Antonella Napoli: piano
Eva Barbetta: flute

01 Nazzu ne na nia
02 Agàpi naturala
03 Parakalò
04 Tronu de marzu
05 Saranta fidda
06 Kalì nifta
07 Ce o pedì-mmu mu pedà
08 Ti tàlassa
09 Ninna nanna di Calimera
10 Ninuso ninuso
11 Pizzica dei sospiri
12 Rondine ci rondini lu mare

2004 • Maffucci music

L'eros nella Grecia Salentina


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