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Bizantina ::: Orlando tarantato

 Although BIZANTINA is based in Florence, the group style has deep roots in the Southern Italian tradition and in a powerful mix of Mediterranean and Balkanic influences, a sophisticated language already accomplished in “Zahir”, the third album. This female fronted group is leaded by stunning singer Michaela D’Astuto that features numerous striking qualities; the commanding presence of her voice and songs sets her apart, as pointed out in every press review or radio program. An impressive stage awareness and a maniac precision down to the last detail, brought BIZANTINA to compose last studio Album "ORLANDO TARANTATO" as the soundtrack of a theatre show; thanks to it the group sweeps public off his feet even in majors theatres.  

Michaela D'Astuto voice, cymbals
Susanna Crociani: sax
Ilaria Innocenti: accordion, harmony vocals
Federico Piras: voice, guitar
Michelangelo Zorzit electric bass, double bass, classic guitar
Mauro De Lillo: drums, percussioni
Marcello Melighetti: classic and acoustic guitar, Portoguese guitar, mandola, buzuki, oud
Michele Lovito: percussion

01 Ouverture
02 Storia d'arme e d'amori
03 Morgana
04 Ogni goccia
05 Stelle all'alba
06 Ninna nanna di Cuscione
07 Danze del cerchio argento
08 Panormozahir
09 Tra cilo e mare
10 La serpe
11 Olek Naffa
12 Fimmina tu
13 Grancassa
14 Stonde d'invernu

2009 • Italianwordmusic IWM 254

Orlando tarantato

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