Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tamburellisti di Torrepaduli ::: Taranta Taranta

Tamburellisti is the soul of Pizzica and Taranta tradition in itself. The legendary band from Torrepaduli (Lecce) is one among the masterminds of Salento’s musical renaissance since the 80’s. Tamburellisti Di Torrepaduli are one of the few Taranta acts that have been playing live regularly abroad. They are lead by singer Pierpaolo De Giorgi, internationally known philosopher and aesthete. The band includes the most famous tambourine section from Salento and the exceptional ballerina Serena D'Amato, living icon of the Taranta dance scene. Pierpaolo De Giorgi and his philosophic-ethnic-musical research have brought the 'Taranta mith' back to life with its cultural-spiritual heritage of Greek origin, aimed to the psycho-energetic rebalance of the individual (iatro-musica). Taranta, or the music of the God Dionysus, as performed by Tamburellisti, brings out the values of gathering, dancing together and energetic wellness that come the ‘ritmo tarantato’ of  the tambourine that pulses synchronized with the heartbeat, the stars motion and the lifecycle. Tamburellisti di Torrepaduli are the band musically and conceptually closer to the ideal of Magna Grecia, due to the fact that they have reproposed the Greek tradition of monodia and released several albums of grìko music and taranta. Their 2009 tour has been extremely successful, starting on 13th March from Stockholm, to continue in Italy and Greece with over 40 dates, it returned to Athens at the end of October for the 'Cultural exchange for peace and the union of Mediterranean cultures'. Tamburellisti di Torrepaduli will also take part to the movie and its soundtrack of 'Ne te retourne pas' with Monica Bellucci and Sophie Marceu

as already stated, I don't like this group too much (to be fair)

Rocco Frisullo: tamburello
Salvatore Crudo: tamburello, dance
Donato Nuzzo: tamburello, accordion
Dora De Vitis: violin
Pierpaolo De Giorgi: guitar, voce
Monia Saponaro: dance
Serena D’Amato: dance

01 Balla e sogna
02 Balla taranta
03 La danza dell'usignolo
04 La chitarra è una taranta
05 Dionisiaca
06 Dov'è andata primavera?
07 Mare nostrum
08 Mieru neu
09 Ritmo meridiano
10 Taranta Taranta
11 Virus tarantula

2009 • Italian World Music IWM 255

Taranta Taranta
Taranta Taranta track 02

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