Thursday, May 06, 2010

V.A. - Atlante di Musica Traditionale - Roots Music Atlas - Italy Vol.1

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Possibly the best introduction you could ask for to the roots music of Italy is this 17 track compilation from Robi Droli (which loosely translates as "crazy things!"). Here are some of the best musicians in the country, from traditionalists like Tre Martelli and La Piazza to adventurous fusions by Ritmia and Re Niliu. Accordions, fiddles, bagpipes, reeds and drums are augmented by guitarists, bass and some fine singers. The set includes Tenores Di Bitti, whose polyphonic singing from Sardinia is stunning. La Ciapa Rusa are a unique ensemble that again has solid folks roots but no pretensions of revivalism. Their track on the album is both romantic and adventurous. Re Niliu offer their hyper-energy version of the folk music of Calabria, while ensemble Novocento create an almost lunatic atmosphere on a track of calliope-like ocarinas. The prize of the set is "La Stella e La Luna" by Ritmia from their album Forse Il Mare, possibly one of the best acoustic recordings ever made (really!). It features Ricardo Tesi on accordion, Alberto Balia and Enrico Frongia's pyrotechnic guitar work and Daniel Craighead on various reeds, with all contributing percussion and other instruments. It's 9 unstoppable minutes of "new routes" music that holds true to tradition while breaking borders left and right.

1996 • Robi droli

Atlante di Musica Traditionale

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